Spring concert – Koto reflection

↑I uploaded 2 small parts from our piece so take a look if you want to listen to it 🙂

Last week on June 30, our whole Japanese music class performed a koto piece called chu-chu(宙々) by Sawai Hikaru. I was part of koto 1.

1. Preparation at class and home

We have been practicing this for quite a long time in both class and home. I think all of us have really improved during our time spent on practicing and it went well. I individually think I did quite well on practicing chu-chu in class, but need to work on creating time practising on my own at home. I’m a disorganised person compared to the others, and keep on leaving my things until the day before I need to. This was pretty much what I did for my practice time, and I would often not practice and instead to something else. By doing this, it caused me to spend time on practice the week before the concert which was a pretty hard job for me. Maybe next time I have a concert/performance I should practice for a small time every week so that I don’t have to rush right before I perform.

2. Practicing as an ensemble

As I said, I think practicing as an ensemble went pretty well especially for koto 1. I think we had fairly good people and everything seemed like it worked. I also learnt that having a leader that plays really well helps our group create a harmony. I can’t think of any improvements/changes but maybe I think we could improve on picking our members for both group. I think koto 2 might have had more people having a hard time playing there part. Maybe we could try out by starting by testing which one suits our average skills and split up into different groups so that it’s easier to play as one.

3. Our performance 

Overall, I think our performance wasn’t that bad compared to what I had expected. If this was rated by 10, I think I would give a 7. Although it stated off energetic and live like towards the end of the piece, I felt like some parts weren’t really going together as well as the start off maybe caused by the lack of practice.  Also one of the things I really got confused was when I heard people playing different parts especially from part 2. I asked one of my friend watching us for opinion, and she also thought the start off sounded really enthusiastic but felt like the end was a bit off tune. But Besides that, I think we did a better job in the concert than any of our practicing done and sounded like everyone was trying hard.

Maybe for our future performances, we could practice more as a group earlier so that we can actually noticed who needs help to make our selves even better for the listeners. Also another advice I got from the same friend was to make everybody wear something similar like the eighth graders and also, to make everyone able to be seen better. For her position, she couldn’t see everyone clearly and wanted a better view. She suggested that it might be better to have people sitting and people on knees so that the audience can see every member in our group and also create a nice flow our the audience’s eyes.

One thought on “Spring concert – Koto reflection

  1. Well done, Amane!
    It’s great to see that you have given some good thought to how the performance went, and thought about different elements of preparation and the performance.
    I hope this helps in the future when preparing for another concert.

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