What is a stereotype? 

A stereotype is basically an opinion towards a specific thing or a person believed by a huge group of people wether it’s true or not. A good example is a stereotype that most woman have how they look. Most of the times woman tend to have this stereotypical image of being anorexic connecting to true beauty. Even magazines are starting to push this stereotype to them. But to be honest, most of the models you often see or know aren’t anorexic at all. Other than stereotypical beauty things especially like appearance  (glasses=nerdy, tattoos = bad people).

When is a stereotype useful?

Stereotypes can be useful when you want to create a character and use it as a base. By adding branches to the stereotypes and changing them to irregular/rare characters it can help you prevent making the character boring and normal and make a good one easily.

Considering people – why can’t you ‘judge a book by it’s cover’?

Although people tend to pick and judge books by their cover, there’s a high chance of it not being what you thought it would be like. Same for stereotypical images, they’re just opinions not all things are linked perfectly to what people think. By planting the false images without trying to understand things, might give the target of you’r opinion a hard time to be accepted, so judging things by you’re first impression might not be the best thing you could do.