GCD: fit for life

Though I may not have gained us much knowledge throughout the year, I was re-taught some required elements to remember to have a “healthy life” revolving around physical and mental related things.

  1. Know your personality
    Knowing and having an idea of your personality will help quite a lot since, often recognising who exactly “you” are can be a difficulity to struggle through. When confused about your self, tests such as MBTI can help you determine the outline of who or what kind of people you are. Though this may not be exact and could be vague when testing multiple times, this can be a step to a new understanding and acceptance to love your self more.
  2. Learn to cope with differences
    As much as MBTI allows you to know your self, it will also open a door to understand the other personality types that exist. By determining who you are mostly like or act similar to, you can know what type of people you long for our how to deal or cope with others you may not understand well.
  3. Know when something is morally wrong or right
    In order to be “healthy” you will most likely need to have a personal moral to help you create a less stressfull and more comfortable life style when you do not feel you are following what you should be
  4. Physically being healthy and mentally healthy corollates