Wellness Reflection

Throughout the course of grade 10, PSHE has provided me multiple opportunities to explore the idea of “wellness” as a class whole and as an individual as well. As an individual my personality does not quite correlate with the thought of approaching one’s wellness given both physically and mentally beyond my practical needs such as resolving stress or maintaining my physical health. However PSHE class had lead me to uncover elements of “wellness” that digs deeper than the required fulfillments considering physical and mental aspects.

Prior to this year mental wellness stood to define the stableness of one’s mind, and how it could be fulfilled and considered healthy when only it was balanced. However throughout the exploration of mental wellness during class I was brought to understand though my interpretation was only partially correct, true “wellness” within mental state of a person meant considering not only the mind but their “spirit”. Furthermore, something that helped me face my deeper inner side was picturing my current state as an object imagining every detail of it. This approach especially helped me when facing my negative emotions that bothered my mental state for I could be able to virtually let it go or break it in order to restore my state. Although class has fought me “wellness” can be faced through many different ways, I believe this was one of the major aspects of my understanding as it has actually helped me through difficult times.