During the summer, I dedicated a month traveling alone. One thing I was able to do was to visit various museums of different genres. However, as an artist, I wanted to avoid simply attending the galleries and observing the works. In order to display my artistic talents, I decided to photograph the museums so I can express my artistic senses whilst visiting museums. Visiting my first museum, one thing I noticed was that I personally perceive museums as one product of art instead of a place that houses various pieces of artworks. The atmosphere and the people going past the countless artworks are all a part of one collective artwork. I believe this revelation works to describe art itself, an artwork shines based off how people interact with it. Without this, art will have no purpose as my personal definition of the subject is what the communication between the artist’s intention and audience’s reaction creates. Therefore, in order to capture this thinking, I started taking pictures of artworks with the people observing the work in the frame.

After taking pictures, it interested me how even a single frame capturing the various people in front of one piece displays how each person has a different interaction with the artwork: to choose to look at it or to not to, to like it or to dislike it. I feel as capturing these moments, it helped me re-recognize that the beauty of art is brought out by the community.


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