Coming from a third world country, my father has always reminded me to be aware of my privilege. However, I have only recently noticed how growing up driving through the cities of the Philippines, no matter what age I was at the time, I would always see beggars on the streets the same age the same age as me. Many people pity small children on the streets, however, what truly horrifies me is that how the adult beggars are who those children grow up to become. However, my father never told me to feel sympathy for those people, for I can be aware of my privilege but will never be able to truly understand what they are going through, I learned from him that there is no way better to use my privilege than to take action to make a change. My father from a young age noticed the drastic differences between the social classes of our country. Determined to make a change, he became a doctor eventually pursuing the path to build free hospitals for those who cannot afford health care.

As a child, I am still unable to support the community as I have no authority over any of those issues. During my visit back to the Philippines, I actively try to pay attention to the gap between the social classes. Knowing that my cousin had just claimed an internship at the city hospital, I asked him to show me around the wing that offers free hospitalization for the poor. I was shocked to see the number of people with tremendous tumors, some on their heads. I do not know what caused them to wait that long and how they had developed it, however, it helped me to recognize how the social class is derived from time and not only money. I feel as I have forgotten the consequences of poverty and how it can lead to the development of greater issues. Every time I visit my home country, I recognize more of the cruelty of the wage gap. This is why I actively try to acknowledge their existence. I am unable to help now, but knowing that there are people I can help one day is crucial for me to go on in life to become a person who can serve the community for all.

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