Art Portrait Reflection 1

From the start of school in art class we started the first unit. The main idea was “How does observing help us learn?”. What we had to observe the human face then draw a self-portrait. The paragraphs below is what progress I have done during this unit.

In the first step we made a self-portrait with out no practice. Of course I had no preparation so the proportion of my first self-portrait was a big mess. My mouth was too small, the mall was to big and my eyes (or one eye because I didn’t finish it) was the way to draw like a anime, because I always draw those kinds.I also did not have shades to show the light touching my skin. The shade is very important to draw realistic but I didn’t really know when I drew it. With out that I think I wouldn’t have improved like now. But there was one thing that I thought was one of my strengths, drawing the hair. I wasn’t done drawing it but I think I did really good on it by drawing it with detail and one by one. I also think I did pretty good in the last portrait too.

As I said we needed shade for our drawing so we started to practice shading. We used four kinds of pencils to practice. HB, 2B, 4B and 6B. We started from the lightest kind of color 2B then went to the darkest color 6B. The photo is the shading that I did.

After drawing the first portrait our class needed practice so we started to draw the parts of our face one by one. I started by drawing the eye, we watched I slide show and draw our own eye. Then we tried more hard parts, like nose, mouth, hair, etc. It’s hard because you need to draw your own parts not like the demonstration.

Then we started the final part of the drawing, the final self portrait. First we used a ruler to put the exact length on the paper. After that we shaded in the place we measured. Before starting to draw the face we measured (again) where the hair ended and etc. After that we started to look at the position of where our eyes , nose and mouth was. After we drawn the eyes, nose and mouth it was getting pretty easy and I finished pretty fast.

I already have finished my drawing now, to reflected I went back to see my old drawing that I drew in the start. I think it wasn’t realistic at all. I feel like it was drawn by a different person after I finished. But when I took a photo of it some parts looked like it was too dark .  I learned from that photos don’t really show exactly like the real one. After that I got an extension to make the color lighter to not make the picture look to dark. I like drawing so I was happy that I got to know tips on how to draw realistic things in this unit.