What is a stereotype? 

A stereotype is basically an opinion towards a specific thing or a person believed by a huge group of people wether it’s true or not. A good example is a stereotype that most woman have how they look. Most of the times woman tend to have this stereotypical image of being anorexic connecting to true beauty. Even magazines are starting to push this stereotype to them. But to be honest, most of the models you often see or know aren’t anorexic at all. Other than stereotypical beauty things especially like appearance  (glasses=nerdy, tattoos = bad people).

When is a stereotype useful?

Stereotypes can be useful when you want to create a character and use it as a base. By adding branches to the stereotypes and changing them to irregular/rare characters it can help you prevent making the character boring and normal and make a good one easily.

Considering people – why can’t you ‘judge a book by it’s cover’?

Although people tend to pick and judge books by their cover, there’s a high chance of it not being what you thought it would be like. Same for stereotypical images, they’re just opinions not all things are linked perfectly to what people think. By planting the false images without trying to understand things, might give the target of you’r opinion a hard time to be accepted, so judging things by you’re first impression might not be the best thing you could do.

The grateful crane(鶴の恩返し)

  • Old man rescues a crane caught in a trap
  • After a few days, I beautiful girl comes to the old man’s house and asks to stay there because she got lost in the blizzard.
  • After a few days of the girl staying there, she asked to borrow the old man’s wife if she can borrow the sewing machine.
  • For some reason she asks the old man and woman to not look while she sews.
  • She creates beautiful clothing and gets famous in the town.
  • One day the old man looks into the room where the girl sews because of curiosity.
  • Instead of seeing the girl sewing, the old man saw the crane he saved using it’s feathers to use as the materials.
  • The girl finds out the she was seen. She finishes her last clothing and reveals her true self, tells how grateful she is and flies away.

Singing in the rain

In drama class my teacher assigned a task for my class to to watch “Sining in the rain” by Gene Kelly and observe the props, rhythm, expression, and moving through space.

Props: For props Gene Kelly used his hat and umbrella but I think he used more of the umbrella to express his happiness. One of the part he expressed well was where he stops using the umbrella and closes it while dancing and turning his closed umbrella around. This shows that he is really in deep joy and he doesn’t care (or forgets) about getting drenched in the rain. Also around 2:21 he uses his umbrella and does a guitar like action(?) I think that part shows his happiness too because when people get over joyed they don’t care about anything so they start to do nonsense (not everybody but..) so I think that part is one of his nonsense because of his over welled joy. In 3:10 he opens the umbrella and turns around it by skipping which can show great joy because he doesn’t care if the inside of the umbrella gets wet too.

Rhythm: For rhythm I think the background music helps the scenes look cheerful. When you look at other movies or dramas with rain it usually shows gloomy feelings and serios situations. But for this video it feels almost like the rain is part of the background music and it makes it really effective to the viewers. In 3:50 Gene Kelly he jumps and splashes into a big puddle every time he splashes the music volume gets bigger so I think thats one of the parts the effect of the background music was used .Also when he tap dances (around 2:25) it shows speed and usually fast rhythms feels bright and happy so I think that was productive too.

Expression: Gene Kelly uses a happy face for this scene because it’s going to look weird if his actions look really joyful and his face is not. Even on the part where this police man sees him splashing in the rain and he makes a face like “oh-uh” it still seems like he is happy and he doesn’t care as much like a normal person caught by a police man dancing in the rain soaked wet.

Moving through space: For the space Gene Kelly moved around dynamically and freely, I think this can changed the scene to seem like a really joyful scene because moving freely can connect to happiness (free(independent)=happy?) than just staying in one place which really seems unhappy and depressed. He also used different heights like jumping up on the street lamp which looked really like he was moving freely  to express more joy.

My best speech in drama

In drama so far I did 2 speeches (the 1min speech about my passion, and a 1min half ~ 2min speech about an important person). For me I think I did better on the 1min speech than the other speech because for me speaking about my passion was easier than talking about my important people. I included more details and also it was pretty fun introducing what I like to other people (though I was king of nervous). The bad thing about the 1 min speech is that my voice was too small, I know that my voice is small but still I get a little shocked when I see my self doing a speech on a video. I needed to turn up my volume so I can hear myself, I think thats the part I really have to improve when I’m speaking to people or doing a speech.