Verona’s hottest new bride

Fashion on fleek gurl! Heart prints? Duh, love is in the air!

“Yes, it’s true that we got married”

Verona just can’t stop obsessing over the new marriage rumours lately. But we’re done with the mystery now! Juliet Capulet is here to lift the curtains…

So the party EVERYONE’S talking about, what’s it like to be the host?
Well technically it’s not my party but everyone did seem to enjoy it. Drinks, dances, we had everything! It went great! I personally had a great time too. I’ve went to many different parties, but I feel like this one was really special. Like something I’ve never experienced before…

Hmm, so something happened at the party? Could it possibly be related to that undercover Montague?
Woah, rumours really do spread quickly now. I’m surprised! Well umm…I’m just gonna say I won’t deny it.

Ohh, well that confirms a certain rumour with Romeo Montague, it’s true that you two got MARRIED?
Well, you got me there. To be honest, it was supposed to be our secret, but I think everyone knows now. And yes, it’s true that we got married. There’s really no reason why two people can’t love each other, right? I just want to let people know I married him for love and no other reason. Honestly shoutout to my nurse! I appreciate my her for being so kind to me! This marriage wouldn’t have happened without her hard work.

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 2.50.44 PM
Simple beauty. Diamonds don’t matter, who cares when there’s true love?

Romeo is from the “other” family, what’d you feel when you first found out?
I mean… this obs doesn’t happen everyday. The guy you fall for is from the “enemy” family? Pretty shocking huh? Well actually, I was more worried about how others would react. All my life my parents have always been telling me that the Capulets are evil…all the bashing and stuff.. The hate is basically just out there, right?

Ugh same, growing up with strict parents, am I right?
Haha, I agree. I guess all kids can relate to this. Can’t help but feel pressured sometimes… It’s what a child is destined! They just love me in their own ways, and I respect them for that. After all, they are my only parents! I guess I’m lucky I have an amazing nurse I can rely on tho. But maybe a bit more freedom please?

What’s it like to be the daughter of the richest family in Verona?
Funny how everyone thinks I’m different from others because of fame? I’m not that different guys, I think, see, and love just like everyone else. Maybe ask my mum about this, she’ll love answering this for sure!

Soo… I guess no more with that hottie, Paris?
Oh, everyone says he’s probably the hottest guy in Verona, like any woman would be lucky to be with him. I don’t know though… He’s just not my type I guess? I don’t think I’d be able to relate to him. I mean we all have different opinions. I understand he’s attractive, but you know, the “relationship” you expect me to have with him just isn’t going to happen. So he’s single for sure, now’s your chance ladies!

Any advice for complicated relationships?
Just remember to always be with the person you really love! Nothing else matters, if it makes you happy. Others aren’t supposed to choose who you should date or marry anyways, right?

Relationships between texts and the real world

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What is the relationship between Journey to Jo’burg and the real world during Apartheid?

In my english class this unit we started to study the history of South African black people and white people in the age of Apartheid※. First we started by dividing up into 4 groups to study the 4 different topics, Nelson Mandela, Soweto uprising, Apartheid, and Early colonisation in South Africa(I did colonisation one). After we got some info about South Africa, we started to read the book “Journey to Jo’Burg” written by Beverly Naidoo.

※Apartheid is a system where the black people and whites are treated differently (black people had a bad environment and whites had a very good condition living)

“Journey to Jo’Burg” is a story about two native South African kids(Naledi and Tiro) traveling 300km to Jo’Burg from they’re hometown to meet her mother to save they’re sick little sister. The setting is when South Africa still had Apartheid and the treatment between blacks and whites were unfair.

After we were done reading the book, we started to write about the connection between the real life apartheid that happened in South Africa and the apartheid that was written in the book, Journey to Jo’Burg.

There were many points to focus on but I chose to write about the relation ship between “whites and blacks”.

In Journey to Jo’Burg there was a part where Naledi and Tiro was trying to get on the bus to visit they’re mom. But as you may know, at that time black people and white people needed to use different things. That of course, included using different busses. In that chapter Naledi and Tiro couldn’t get on the bus because they made a mistake and went into the bus for whites, so they were kicked off.

That actually did happen in the old days of South Africa during Apartheid and white people and black people used different busses. Black people had a smaller and older bus compared to the bus white people used.

These are the ideas that we came up↓


Different shots

Yesterday in English class we started a new unit about film study. In this unit my class is going to watch “Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark” but before that we started by doing a small activity.

First we discussed how different shots have different effects to scenes. For example if someone takes a high angle shot of another person the angle makes the other person look weaker.

After the discussion we grouped up in 3~4 people (my group had 4 people. Me,Mayuho,Lisa,Megumi) and started to take our own photos with the shots we talked about before. By taking original photos using the different shots I learned that the shots can change the image even though the photos are all the same person.

The over shoulder shot: it makes the scene more interesting than just looking at 3 people talking on the side.

The low angle shot: it makes the person on the photo look more powerfull.

The extreme close up shot :It makes it easy to concentrate where the scene wants us to see

Creating Headlines ~See Think Wonder~

cc licensed ( BY SA ) flickr photo shared by ihasb33r

In English class we started to look at headlines. For homework we had to find a random photo we like on CC search and make our own headline for the picture we chose. I chose the photo above. To help writing our headline we made our own headline we wrote about what we saw, think, and wonder about the photo.

The headline I made is, Cat with extraordinary eyes found.

This is my see, think, wonder for the photo

  • I see a white cat with a black spot of fur around the right eye. the cat has strange eyes and the right eye is blue and the left eye is a orangish green color.
  • I think this cat has 2 different eye colors because of mutation. I also think that cat might be a stray because it doesn’t have collar.
  • I wonder if the cat is really stray.
    I wonder if the cat has different eye color because of mutation or some kind of medicine.
    I wonder where the photo was taken.
    I wonder if the cat is a female or a male.
    I wonder what age the cat is.


BLUE FISH podcast review – English

Hi 🙂 !

Are you bored with reading book reviews? Well, if you are I made a perfect book review for you ;). It’s a podcast so you can listen to it instead of reading it and get bored. I did a review about “BLUE FISH” written by Pat Schmatz. I hope you have fun listening!

The book is from Sakura Medal books. It’s an award for authors every year (if you want to know about it go to the website).

Credits for Charlie and Mark for the intro and outro, Freddie and Sho for the piano and beat box. 🙂

The big reflection of holes presentation – English

My class started to read the books Holes by Louis Sachar from September, we did lots of works of it but for final reflection about holes we did a film and book comparison slide in our table groups. The story is the main character Stanley Yelnats who got taken to camp green lake (read the book to know why) then gets to know the second main character Zero (Hector Zeroni) and survives from camp green lake. The part that was really interesting and got me into the book was that the past and present are linked together. At the start we also looked at the opening of the story too. We didn’t only looked at it, we made our own opening (of our own story). Mine was about a dog.This is my favorite sentence from the story opening: My group member was Sara, Freddie, Mark. We studied about how the film and book of the flash back scene on Camp green lake (About Sam and Ms.Katherine) is similar and different.  We split in two groups for researching, researching the film and researching the book. The most part I think that wasn’t organized was that Sara and I didn’t have enough slides to talk about and Freddie and Mark had way more slides to talk about then us. So we had to move the presentation day to the next day from the date we were supposed to do and add 2 more slides to our presentation. Other whys I think my group was really organized with the contents of the script and slide . For this assessment we also had to use at least two comparison words when we make the script for the presentation. This is the list of words we had to use. It’s too small to see on my blog so if you want to see it I think it’s better to click on the photo. For the techniques what I think my group used pretty good is switching from the film part to the book part. For example when I say some thing about the book and there is a difference in the film, some one says How ever and you can switch by using a comparison word and using a good technique too. I think next time I can improve on talking slowly if I do some thing like this assessment. This time I didn’t really have enough practice and I was also pretty nervous so before I do a new presentation I will try to make more time to practice talking slowly and easy to understand for the audience by doing a practice presentation with my friends. Talking fast can also affect my marks and loose the audience’s interest on the whole presentation so I would really like to fix this.