Review Of Grade 6 Science

~What have I found the most fun this year?~

Most of the things I did in the science class was a very fun thing to do and I liked doing all of them but one of the most enjoyable thing I did during this year was my latest assignment about astronomy. I have a few reasons of why I had fun but one of the main reason is because I like studying astronomy things and it makes the class even more enjoying because  I got to do one of the things I like in class.

~What have I found the most interesting this year?~

I think the thing that most interested me throughout this year was the assignment using the field trip to  the Ueno zoo. This caught my interest because I also like things involving biology things besides astronomy too (I actually I think I like most of the things that has to do with science). I also got to learn lots of new habits of the animal I chose (Okapi) in both man-made environments and natural environments so I think this really helped me learn more and have more intrest on the relationship between animals and science.

~What have I found the most challenging this year?~

In this year for science all most everything was challenging in a different way for each one (although they were all fun to do) but for me the most challenging thing was to express what I was thinking in class. I think this happens almost every year in school but sometimes I have  opinion or facts but do not have the confidence of talk because I keep thinking that I’m wrong about it, so I think speaking in class was the most challenging.

~What was my area of biggest improvement this year?~

I think my biggest area of improvement in the whole year was my detail on the work I did compared to the work I have completed around the first semester. I think I got to improve on the detail of my work because I started to check over what I did include and didn’t include before presenting or submitting my work more from the second semester.

~What will I be looking to improve further next year?~

For improvements I would like to improve more on asking more questions so I don’t have to think too much by myself because sometimes I keep thinking about an one question or task for a long time and forget about the other things which affects my quality of the work I do. I still have more things that I could improve but I think this is the main thing I should improve for now.


Field trip 2

~What we did~

In  the field trip my grade went on April 23rd we visited the Ueno zoo and the Tokyo national museum.  For the Ueno zoo we needed to choose and look at an animal and write/study about the habitat in the zoo compared to the natural habitat for two taks this blog post is one of the tasks we need to complete. I decided to do the Okapi for my animal to study.

~How did the Okapi’s environment look like?~

The Okapi’s man-made environment in the zoo didn’t look that natural if you imagine the rain forest in Congo because the plants weren’t the types of trees and bushes that grow in the natural environment. For the size of the cage I couldn’t see the exact view because I was only able to see the the front side of the cage outside but the cage looked pretty big for a person to move around but not big enough for the Okapi to move around freely. The number of the Okapi was only one.Besides the cage in the outside the Okapi had another cage(it looked more like a room) inside. The room inside didn’t have any plants besides for the food and did not look natural at all. It was way smaller and simple because most of the time Okapi is in the other cage (its used mostly for cleaning the other cage out side and sleeping).

~Did the Okapi look happy in the zoo?~

For me the Okapi looked pretty satisfied with it’s environment around in the zoo because it was eating food looking relaxed. I think the only thing that didn’t really seem to make the Okapi really happy was the people looking and taking photos because sometimes when people took photos with the flash on it would move to the end of the cage even though it was day time and the sun could have blocked the flash. But besides that the Okapi looked okay in the cage at the zoo.

~Why do we have zoos?~

I think you can’t answer this question in one or a correct answer but I think one of the reason to have a zoo is for people to have an experience to see animals they can’t see in the country they live in (e.g. you can’t see a panda in the wild in japan but in the zoo you can get to see one) and children can have better education by seeing things new . The other reason I think why there is a zoo is because scientists can research more than following the animal in the wild for observing.

~If I was an animal in a zoo would I be happy?~

If I was an animal from the wild taken to the zoo I would be definitely un happy because there is limited area to move around, food to eat, less numbers of the same species to group with, limited things to do and even more. What makes it even worse is not understanding why things have suddenly changed into everything being limited compared to the wild environment. But if I was born in the zoo and lived there I think I guess wouldn’t really mind that much because it’s the environment in the zoo is where I stayed and grown and also I don’t know how the natural environment would look like.

~How should the zoo improve the environment for animals?~

I think the zoo could improve the man made environment of the animals by planting plants that really come from the home country of the animal so the animal can at least have a man made environment closer to the natural environment. But the bad thing about this is that the temperature of the natural environment is different for almost all the animals in the zoo so it’s a hard thing to use for the improvement but I think if they could it would be a good thing to do.

~Should we have zoos?~

This is my opinion but I think we should have zoos even though it might be stress for some of the animals. The main reason why I think we need zoos and why we need to visit them is for education. This is a guess but with out looking at other things from different places children under education might have poor ways to think about the world that they have never seen and I believe that may cause problems when they go visit or live in other countries.

The other reason doesn’t really connect with why we should visit but I think that we need zoos is so countries can keep the friendship between other countries. For instance China sends pandas which are one of the main animals that symbolise to other countries to show good relation ship. I think this has an big and important affect to connection for countries so this can be a good reason too.

~comments about the field trip to Ueno zoo~

I’ve went to zoos many times since I love animals but I haven’t went to zoos with my friends or other people that much so by they’re thoughts to the animals expanded my thoughts wich was really enjoyable and helpful for me. I hope I can go to the zoo again next time with other people for new discoveries.

Our Forces Design Task: Wrapping Up The Experiment

~Completing our Experiment~

To complete our experiment we threw 3 different types of airplanes the dart, the arrow and the moth 3 times each and recorded the distance (My group used the same person to throw to have less errors). After we were done recording all the distance for every paper airplane we calculated the average to be accurate with the distance (adding the 3 records for 1 paper airplane and dividing it with 1). The weird part in this experiment was some how we made a mistake on folding one paper airplane (the moth) and it didn’t really fly properly so I think that was the part we needed to be careful before throwing the paper airplane.

My partner Sayaka
me taking notes…

~Our Results~

This is the a chart and graph for our results from throwing all the paper airplanes (it’s in the order of paper airplane we threw The arrow to the last one the moth).

The graph about our results
this is a chart about our results

~What Our Results Mean~

In the results on the chart and graph I can see that it shows that the Arrow flies the most. The dart is the second and the moth has the least distance flying. By looking at both (the chart and graph) of the images that shows the results I think there isn’t any errors on throwing it.

~Errors In Our Data~

As I already said in the first paragraph (completing our experiment) one of the errors was that we made a mistake on folding one of the paper airplanes. The good part was is that this error didn’t cause any affect on our results because I threw it before we actually recorded the distance and it didn’t really fly. First we thought it only flies a short distance but after we checked how we made it we found out that one part had a mistake on folding it. So we asked some other person to make it for our group and it flew much farther.

~And Our Hypothesis Was….~

Our hypothesis was that we think the arrow flies te most. Our hypothesis was right. I think the arrow flys the most because it has a slim body and has less air pressure wich makes it available to move faster and longer. This is my guess but I think one of the good example to explain this easier is the sword fish(billfish). I think the swordfish can relate to how the arrow flies the most because as you might know swordfish has a very fast speed to swim, and the same thing as the paper airplane, having a slim shape helps to swim fast. It decreases the water pressure to move fast. So I think slim paper airplanes (the arrow) flies the most because it also has less air pressure while flying.

~And The Rest~

Before we started this experiment my group was planning that we should do 5 kinds of different paper airplanes but unfortunately part of the paper airplanes was to complicated to make and it kind of took time (+ we gave up) so we ended up with using 1 complicated paper airplane (somebody else thats not in our group made it for us) and 2 other easier paper airplanes. My group learned that we should stop making the paper airplanes that are too complicated to make.

~Moving Forward~

I think to extend this experiment I think we can add timing how many seconds it took until it touches the ground. That way you can look at two different things the distance and time, which I think might be more interesting.

Science: Cells & Pollination Reflection

Cells: In this section – describe the two different types of cells that can be found on earth. Briefly describe how they are different There is 2 main types of cells that can be found on earth. It’s pretty easy to tell if a cell is plant type of cell or an animal type because there is a big difference in the shape. Plant cells are shaped in a rectangle and animal cells change shape. The two photos below is a diagram of an animal cell and a plant cell. If you look at the diagrams you can see that both cells have pretty different parts in (Well, some parts are same).

Flower Power – describe how angiosperms and gymnosperms are different. Briefly include anything that you found interesting about either ways either types of plants pollinate.

Angiosperms – Angiosperms are sperms that reproduce through flowers. Most of the time angiosperms are pollinated by small insects such as bees and butterflies.So the difference compared to gymnosperms is that the way of getting pollinated is different.

Gymnosperms -Gymnosperms is a type of sperm that reproduce through cones. They don’t get don’t get carried by insects but they get carried by the wind to other types of cones. (I think there usually in pine cones, grass, etc..)

I learned lots of things from this unit, but the most fascinating thing I learned was that there is different types of how plants reproduce (gymnosperms and angiosperms). Before doing this unit I only thought there was 1 way that plants reproduce (which was reproducing through flowers. Angiosperms) so I think thats why it was fascinating for me in this unit.

The part that I really enjoyed while this unit was cutting up flowers and drawing how it looks like (I did a yellow rose). I also didn’t know how a rose looks like when you cut it up so it was pretty interesting for me (there was so many petals when I cut it in half). I wish I can do it again 😀 !