〜Technology reflection〜

The first unit for my technology class in 7th grade is about creating our own digital story. Digital story telling is a story that you tell by using the digital features that can be able to be shared in different ways to different people. Of course  we can’t make a story with out planning so our class started off the unit by doing several steps.

First we got a brief idea about media by answering the question “what is media?”. After we got an idea about media we started to think about the first task of week 1 which was thinking about “how we can use media to communicate our stories”. These are what my class thought about: Silent movie, audio book, podcast, illustration, and music. Task 2 was to brainstorm about “key features to story telling”. For this task we had to talk in our table groups and then share the ideas to the class. These are the things we ended up with: good vocab, use synonyms, detail, making it entertaining for the target age, having an ending that people can’t guess, and digital effects. The last task for week 1 was looking at 3-4(I did 3)digital stories that people made and have shared to the world to look and write about the structure and key features I have noticed for homework. By doing task 3 I noticed that by having movement, background music, and simpleness a digital story can attract people watching (this is my opinion).

For week 2 the first task was to match the term and definitions. The terms we had to match with the definition was point of view, dramatic question, emotional content, your voice, soundtrack, pacing, and economy/balanced. By matching them it made it easier to understand the things we need for making a good digital story. Task 2 for week 2 was thinking about the possible topics for our story. I wrote some but in those I wanted to do history and fiction/fantasy because those are the two things I like reading about in stories. Besides thinking about topics I also did the planning of the story idea of what I am going to do (I’m not going to write it here because it will be a spoiler). Also I decided to use my pen-tablet and the application garage band for my digital story telling. For the final task of week 2 my class had to work in pairs that my teacher chose (I was with Lorreta) and study an application. My group had to look at garage band to present. We studied the capabilities, limitation, ease of use, special features, how it can be shared online, and others. This made it much easier for me to use garage band for my story since I was planning to use this. Also by working with a pair I got to get more information about how to use it.

For week 3 we listened at the other presentations that was made by other groups and take notes incase we use them. The soft ware other people presented were fotobabble, voice thread, prezi, sketchup, google presentation , photo peach, and keynote (the keynote group will present in the next lesson). By looking at all of them my plan is to use garage band(my group) and photo peach which looks easy and fun for me.

Over all for the first unit we got to learn lots of new things like what we need for making a good digital story and how we use digital effects to make things interesting for audiences. I hope that I can use all that I have learned for my story.

My tutorial & reflection- Technology

In technology class we did a unit about how to make a good tutorial.
Not only did we look at tutorials we also made our own tutorials with our original topics by making a story board for planning.
For mine I chose to do “how to draw a dog on the computer” because I like drawing and I thought I could make a tutorial if it was about what I like to do.

This is my tutorial I made!:

I hope it helps you improve drawing!


For this tutorial I have tried to make it fit the criteria but I think I didn’t really meet the main criteria which is “Step-by-step” because I had more things like tips than talking by step-by-step. But besides that in the finish product I think have used the criteria:

  • Camera Angle: I didn’t move the camera (since my tutorial is done in the computer).
  • Video Quality: The video quality was easy to see.
  • Pace: I didn’t talk too fast and left the text so the viewers can read it.
  • Language: I tried to use simple language so it isn’t complicated.
  • Materials: I put the materials needed for completing my tutorial before starting the main part.
  • Finished product: I put a picture around the start of the finished product.
  • Title: I added a title on the start.
  • Neat: I didn’t make it too messy so the viewers can concentrate.



After everybody in my class was done making they’re tutorial and posted it on the blog each person in our class had to choose 2-3 people to comment on about what we learned from it and how they could improve. I commented on LisaMegumi, and Sho‘s tutorial blog post. By commenting on the 3 blogs it extended my thoughts more. For example Lisa’s tutorial (how to make an origami flower) I thought that adding background music and text for the steps instead of audio makes the viewer concentrate more on the tutorial and it makes it easier to learn how to do it.


The most challenging thing for me during this tutorial was “speaking clearly with a teaching voice“. I haven’t really used a teacher voice because I don’t really teach people so it was a hard thing to do (I think I couldn’t really make it but..). Also most of the time I have a soft voice and sometimes people have a hard time hearing me, so I had to go up close to the computer mike when I recorded my voiceover.

This technology was a hard thing to do because it was completely new for me but I had a fun time making my original tutorial because I got to do home work while doing what I love to do (drawing). My tutorial has some criteria not included but I hope my tutorial helps something about drawing or making tutorials!

If you have time please fill in this form for me to learn new improvements about my tutorial I made.

Tutorial Plan Reflection

Our unit this time for technology was about tutorials, the first step was to plan making our own tutorials. On this blog post I would like to reflect and show my 2 works for planning.

First in our class we stared by making a story board to get a brief idea for making our tutorial. By looking the story board I made, I can see that it meets the criteria, step-by-stepscript and subtitles and neat.

– For step by step I think it meets to the criteria because I think I made the script without missing any parts to make it easy to understand (for example I didn’t just skip a whole bunch of steps to the end). For me that means that I made the planning in step by step.

– For script and subtitles I think it meets because instead of complicated words I chose simple and easy words so almost any age could understand what the steps are easily.

– For the last criteria neat I think it  meets because I kept it easy to hear more by not planning to add any background music while I was explaining the steps.

I think keeping the background and subtitles clean will make my tutorial a good tutorial. This is my opinion but I think the viewers would learn more about what I want to teach because they won’t get distracted by other parts on the tutorial while watching.

I think I need to learn how to edit the recording I did so it doesn’t sound weird on imovie (e.g. my voice overlaps) because I practice record and I edited a little but it kind of sounded strange because some parts my voice would overlap and on other parts my voice would get cut off.

Tutorial unit reflection – Technology

The new unit the a learned about in Technology was about Tutorials. The first thing we got to look 3~5  tutorials on youtube and write a google docs about what was good or bad and what you learned from the tutorial you watched. I mostly chose tutorials that was related to drawings because I like drawings and I wanted to do a tutorial about drawings.

↓This is my document 🙂 ↓

The second project we did is to go to 3 other people’s blogs and comment on what you learned and the good and bad parts about it. I watched Megumi, Sayaka, and  Lisa‘s Blog post. The first tutorial that I watched was Megumi’s, it was about How to fold a corner heart bookmark origami. This really helped me because I always made dog ears for book marking where I was reading and it kind of made the book look kind of damaged, so I made this bookmark and it helped me not to make dog ears and keep my book look new and clean.

The second tutorial that I watched was Sayaka’s tutorial. The tutorial she chose was How to kick a soccer ball – 3 soccer kicks you must know. I’m really bad at doing sports especially soccer so this really really helped me (The P.E. unit was soccer when I saw this)! It was really easy to understand and when I used the skills on this tutorial I got better at controlling the ball and the P.E. teacher even said that I improved at doing soccer!

Lisa’s tutorial was the last one I saw. The title of the tutorial was Volley ball: How to Serve a Volleyball. As I said I’m not really good at sports so this really helped me. When the P.E. unit was about volley balls I couldn’t really do a good serve so I would like to use this when the’re is another unit about volley balls (I really wished that I saw this during the Volley ball unit in P.E.).

If you want to see the tutorial that I chose go to this post. It’s about doodling 😀 . It’s really interesting so you should try this when you don’t have anything to do and your bored.

After that project we made a tutorial on a google presentation. I made one about How to draw better on Doozla (Doozla is a kind of soft that you can draw on your computer. But this might help drawing on other drawing programs too.) I put the tutorial (presentation) on this blog post so please feel free to look at what I did. It’s step by step and I think it’s easy to understand so I hope you learn something from it!

I think the most similar things in my tutorial and the favorite tutorial that I picked (Doodling in Math Class: Infinity Elephants) is that they are both in steps (well in the video it doesn’t say “step ○○” to let you know what step the person watching is but you can tell that she is introducing some parts when she starts a new step). The different part is that I didn’t put any humor in my presentation to entertain the people who saw my tutorial (I think it’s a good thing to have humor but I didn’t have time to add it and it makes the tutorial easier to see with less words).

I think to what I need to learn make a great tutorial that everyone will learn from and enjoy is that to learn to entertain the people because I think by putting a little bit of entertaining things it might get the person watching to pay more attention to the tutorial and have fun while learning from it (I think I also need to learn to speak more clearly because sometimes my voice is not clear).

↑This is my tutorial google presentation that I made :)↑

Technology – Becoming a Blogger Plan Reflection Brainstorm

In the second unit in techonology class we started to do think about how to grow(make) a good blog. We did two projects for this unit. This the reflection of what the 2 things my class did to help grow a good blog. I hope you enjoy reading it.

First we pretended that our blog was a plant and wrote how you will grow it. This is my How to grow a blog 🙂 .  We pretended that the flower was the goal of how your blog will end up in june, the water and soil was how to improve your goal every day(or week), and the last one the habitat how you will not forget to improve. We got ideas from this for making our blog better, and it made us easy to make because we had a goal to do. (I also had trouble putting things to PDF files so it helped me learn it too.)

After we finished our plant project we started to draw our 3 original blog design. For example we had to add the widgets like the real blog (but I forgot to add the categories),write the header, etc.  After that we chose our favorite design in the 3 we made and wrote why we liked it and labeled the parts of our design (We also had to make a name for it too). I think what represents me in my favorite design is the header (the one with a speech bubble and a smily face), because I like manga (comics) and I think the speech bubble with the smily face represents me a lot. For making this design I used the Edublogs Default because I think I can make the design I made by customizing Edublogs Default even tough it doesn’t really look alike before you customize it.

This unit was pretty fun and easy for me. Especially I liked drawing my original blog skin because I love drawing and I do it almost all the time. The plant project was pretty fun too because I liked thinking about how my blog will be like in the future and it made me happy (maybe because I like thinking too). I would like to learn more about how I can improve my writing to attract the readers of  my blog post (I mean like catchy sentences in my posts).



If you want to see the 2 projects (The how to grow a blog and Blog Design) you can click on the photo to go there.