Grade 6 portfolio


I have three main goals for school. The first one is to practice my koto at least 3times and 15min for one practice in a week and fill my practice chart. I chose this for one of my goals since if I don’t do this it can really affect my grades especially when I do practice and don’t fill in my practice chart because my music teachers won’t know that I did.

To achieve this goal I will:

  • Put a sign on the calendar on the date to practice
  • Write in on my Gcal

The second goal is to speak louder in class. I think this is pretty important for me because I don’t really speak in a big voice and most of the time people like teachers have to ask me to speak up more so the class can hear me. I think one of the reasons of me not talking loud enough is that I’m not really confident all the time in class. I have been like this for a long time so I think I really need to start facing this problem seriously.

To achieve this goal:

  • I will try to feel  more confident with my own ideas
  • I will try to remember to speak loud every time I speak
  • Talk more in class so I can practice to speak up


My final goal is to not forget anything for school (e.g. notebooks, homework). This doesn’t happen all the time but sometimes I do so I think I should make this a goal to fix it. I think this would help me a lot because when I once forgot something for class I had a hard time writing down things in that class.

To achieve this goal:

  • I will check my school bag every evening and morning
  • Write down what I need for school


For Japanese class the assignment that I enjoyed and is pretty proud of is the short essay about “one of my important things”. I think I enjoyed this piece of work the best because I got to write about one of the thing I love. Although I had grammer mistakes like punctuation this was a really enjoyable thing to do in Japanese class for me.

※I wanted to add a picture in but my Japanese class teacher still has it so I will put it on when it gets returned.


For Art class one the work that I am satisfied with is the “self portrait painting”. I like this painting because I think I did pretty well even though it was my first time to paint a person and it was a self portrait so it made it more challenging for me. For this art work I couldn’t really use a motif that fits me (I used  dark colors too much) but I think I did well on the shadows of the face.


In Humanities class the best work I think I’ve done is the “lost civilization project” . I think I did pretty good on this assessment task because I included every thing that I needed to by checking the TSC and included detail as much as I can by doing this (I’m not trying to brag but) I got a full mark. But for this I think I need to improve my grammer more because I think I didn’t really use hard language to make it better.

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