The First Week of School

What were the high points and low points of this week?  What made it a high point and a low point? (The what part of the question is most important).

The first day (Monday) was really the worst day for me. I had never switched schools before, and I was very anxious about what YIS would be like. I had made a few friends at the orientation, but I still didn’t know anyone at YIS very well.  Even after I got home I couldn’t really relax because I knew I would have to go to school the net day. However, when Tuesday came, I found the people I had gotten to know the day before and I started to feel comfortable in the school.

The best part of the week was making friends, we well as starting to study french. I’m glad I found people to spend time with, because it was difficult to switch schools and they made me feel welcome. I also liked starting french because I found an online course that I can take to learn French more quickly, and I can work on that whenever I want.

How are you planning on organising yourself to complete homework tasks this year?

I want to focus on French and Math this year. Ill probably work on the homework for these classes first, and then move on to the work from other classes. I’ve heard about how much homework the grade 9s usually have, so I’m guessing I’ll set aside a certain time to do my homework every night, and do my best to do assignments right when they are assigned rather than right before they are due.