Drama week 1

This week in drama we worked on expressing relationships through actions and body language. We talked about how people with a higher status might act towards people with a lower status, and how to express that. We did some activities that would help us to learn about reacting to being higher or lower in status. For one of them, I was paired up with Mira and one person had to act out what the other person told them about themselves. The idea was to bring someone down and then build them up and to watch them react to being insulted/complemented. I thought this was relatively interesting because you can watch the different levels of feeling happy/sad, depending on how kind/mean the complements/insults were. From this activity, we learned how to react to comments depending on who your character is or what role you have in acting. I thought the most difficult part was not using language to express feelings or ideas using tone and language. Another Activity we did was to have one character go to another character with a problem and the second character ends up needing help with another problem that the first character helps them with. It is about the roles of people switching, and how people react to that. I was grouped up with Kosei and we were doing a skit where I was an economics student unhappy with my teacher talking to him about ways I can improve in school, and he got a called to be told that he lost money in the stock market, so I, as an economics student, told him I would help him to get his money back. I didn’t like this skit so much, mainly because as a college student I am a lot lower than the head of the school, so to rise up and offer to help someone with a status so much higher than mine is very unnatural. Both of these activities apply to real life because often times as you talk to someone, your role might change depending on what you’re talking about or if you’re helping them.