Drama Journal 4

Topic: Time, Language

Over the last week or so, we have been working on time and language. Time is the setting of the scene, and is often defined by the language used in the piece. It also changes the way the characters move and how they might act towards each other. For example, a party set in the late 1800s would most likely have characters who are careful about manners and being as proper as possible and would use more sophisticated words, whereas a party set in current times would be much more casual, and use the kind of vocabulary we use now.

In class we worked a but on some language exercises which I found surprisingly difficult. In one of them, we had to tell a story and the opposite person would say random words that we had to incorporate into our stories. I was paired up with Leo, and every story we made seem to make no sense because it had no real storyline, and would go off on tangents constantly, so anyone listening would have no idea what parts of the story were more important than the others. This was really bothersome for me because I like to have things have a coherent ending, so listening/telling a story that seemed to be about nothing at all was very annoying.

Another exercise we did about time was where four students acted out a scene, and then  acted it out again but set in a different time. I found this very difficult mainly because with so many actors we had to be careful about who had the attention and keep people from talking all at once, yet we all wanted to say something, so I thought that made it more difficult to perform. The actual scene changing was interesting for me because we all had to work together to create the same scene with different items. For example, in one scene we were a group of motorcyclists, and when we went back two hundred years, we were cowboys in the wild west. We all had to pay attention to how each person changed what they were doing so that we could work together and the scene made sense.

Una Amiega Nueva

Les presento a una amiga nueva. Se llama Sophie. Ella es de Holanda. Tiene 14 años. Su cumpleaños es el 20 de diciembre. Después de las clases, le gusta mirar películas pero no le gusta comer espinacas. Su número de teléfono es 333-444-5555. Ella habla inglés y holandés. su libro favorito es ‘Eleanor and Park’.