Drama Journal 7

‘Whats up’ was the main idea of the workshop, and although it originally¬†seemed like a limited topic, the more we worked on the topic, the more ideas we developed as a group. This was interesting because it really showed me how the more we build on each others ideas, the more we learn about each other and the topic itself.
In class we did a few activities where we worked together to try to brainstorm new ideas on the topic. Although this was slightly confusing for me, I found working through this idea forced me to think of new things to try, which made the topic wider and cover more subjects/different ideas. The main thing I remember is when we would fin a partner, and work together to act out something to do with ‘what’s up’. Kent and I had a conversation about how ‘the sky is up’ and the kinds of dumb jokes kids sometimes make with eachother.

From this project, my group, consisting of Jay, Solon, Garrel and Keiyu, worked on a short performance. What we did was have a classroom scene where as each character with a separate personality walked in, a song that goes with that personality/trait would play. Garrel was a posh British boy, and has a classical tune done to his entrance. Jay was a cool kid, and had a older pop song to go with his entrance. Solon was a typical jock, and we used the song trap queen, which was very appropriate because the second lyrics to that song is ‘hey, whats up, hellp’, which we had solon say to the teacher/audience. I was a typical girly girl, and the song ‘barbie girl’ was sung as I walked in. From here, Keiyu gets annoyed at the students for being constantly interrupted by the songs, and yells at me. The others sing ‘move kid get out the way’ as a parody to ‘move * get out da way’. I was very happy with this performance and was proud of my acting in it.

It was interesting that we only had two classes or so and managed to put together an entire performance. I enjoyed working on it with the people in my group, and thought it was cool how ideas could be constantly interpreted into the performance.

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