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Kent and I worked on a stage based on the script for a play titled ‘The Intruder’. We both designed our own stage, but ended up using my design. In order for my stage to have everything it needed from the script, I went through the script and highlighted all the things I would need.

When I first designed the stage, It was exactly a rectangle. It was not until I began to actually build the stage that I realised it should be open a bit on the sides so all of the audience could see the walls. I also made a separate room behind the main one for the maid. Originally, I was going to only have only a little space behind the back door, but I decided to add a larger space so that lighting could be controlled better from behind the window on the back of the wall. In my stage design, I also did not have a ceiling, but at the last moment, I decided to add one. This is mostly for acoustics rather than visual appeal. It will also help the sound effects that must be used to show the character ‘death’.

I decided to include the garden as part of the stage because I wanted the house to be more intricate than just the house. The garden also shows where the house is because most houses in cities or largely populated places do not have large gardens with ponds. There are also two dog houses that are briefly mentioned when one of the daughter is looking outside. These might see m unimportant, but in reality, it is a warning because it is the first sign something strange is happening that the dogs do not stir, yet the swans swim away from the direction of the entrance of the door.

In the main room, I decided to put out seven chairs for each of the characters: 3 daughters, an uncle, a father a grandfather, a mother (although she is recovering from childbirth and does not appear in the script). I did not put out a chair for the newborn child because it is talked about negatively, and is not regarded with much respect or love, therefor does not seem to deserve a chair at the table. I also put the chairs all facing the audience, although they will never be sat in all at the same time throughout the play.

I tried to use mostly brown colors for the room, although making chairs was difficult, so I made them a little more modern. The doors are covered in material, meant to represent the intricate carvings that are often put on doors in this time. There is a large amount of space for the characters to move around. This is helpful for the director in case he wants to make the character ‘death’ an actual character and have him move around the room without actually interacting with any of the characters. It also helps the focus to stay on the characters rather than the things around them. I designed this to be more of a universal setting, although it had some European colors of the time it was set in that were used.

Because the mood of this play is darker and more negative, the brown colors used are appropriate because they are more dramatic and generally reflect less light. The ceiling also helps this mood to come across because it encloses the audience and makes the whole scene more intimate.

Most of the scene is balanced so that the audience will be more focused on the characters. This is important because there is not much that happens in the room itself, but more of it is to do with the characters used and the sound effected that effect what happens in the scene.

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