Mercutio, Crashing Parties Again??!!

Mercutio, Lover, Fighter, and party animal, is a man beloved by Romeo and the Montagues. Mercutio is related to the Prince, and is known to be the jokester of the city. Mercurio is known to have many sweethearts and has has a reputation for being a heart-breaker. Although many of these rumours seem to be just  that, Mercutio has also been seen all over the city of Verona at all times of the night. This, however, might be due to the fact that he goes to many parties and has often been described as ‘the life of any party’, and it has been said that there is no good party without him. Most nights, he can be found at wherever celebration is taking place, entertaining others and dancing to whatever music he wants to. Mercutio has a constant positive attitude and often does his best to be there for his friends and is rumoured to have supported Romeo in his times of sadness and peril. He tends to act unworried and carefree in tense situations, and is often fun for new people to meet. Despite Mercutio’s love toward certain ladies and his loyalty to friends, he is also a fighter, and has been the cause of many a brawl between the montages and capulets. He is known to be good with a sword, and even better at jousts of words, involving wit and teasing. Mercurio’s carefree attitude helps him to be more easygoing in this tense situation, making any fight involving him more interesting, and usually, less violent.

How many times have you been to the hospital due to fight related injury?

Well, I have never actually been to a hospital for injuries related to fights, although I have sent multiple people to the emergency room for burns to their egos.

What’s the last compliment you got?

This girl I was talking to said she thought I was really brave for being unafraid in fights. Of course, I get that a lot. I’m quite popular with the ladies.

What’s happening tonight?

Party. At the Capulet’s. WE’RE GONNA CRASH IT!

Who did you hang out with most recently?

Obviously my best friends Romeo and Benvolio!

Do you believe in love at first sight?

I mean, I don’t think It’s a completely crazy idea. Although I do think that in order to fully love someone you have to know them and understand the kind of person they are.

Ever been in love?

Yeah, but it’s always been fleeting and I’m not even sure if it was real.

Who are you looking forward to seeing?

Romeo tonight! It’s gonna be a crazy night!

What are your bad habits?

Depends what you think is a bad habit. Some people think it’s not good to fight with other people, but how else could we solve conflicts? I can be very loud and flamboyant at times  and this can be annoying for the people around me. But what’s fun without a bit of noise? I’ve also been told I can be a bit misogynistic towards woman, but whatever.

Do you play sports?

Sword fighting of course. I used to go along with Prince Esculas and watch him fight crime when I was smaller, so you could say I learned from the best.

What do you think about the Capulets?

Those hot-headed bastards have hurt my friends time and time again. They do not deserve the respect they are given by both the prince and the people of Verona. One day, that Prince of Cats will get what he deserves.