Reflection on Expeditions

What were the most important parts of this trip for you?

From this hiking expedition, I learned not only how to hike but how to work together in order to get from one place to another. The hike itself was in the mountains. We each had a job. My job was time-keeper, which meant I had to keep the distance and time we had been going. I enjoyed having this job because it felt nice to be helpful to everyone and to be able to be on top of what had happened so far. I felt much more comfortable because knowing the distance and time kept me from feeling like the trip was endless and I could be fully aware of what was happening around me.

Before this trip, I had never really been on a long hike before. I had also never been camping despite my family’s love of the outdoors. Because of that, this experience was completely new for me even though I already had the majority of skills required for it. I enjoyed camping despite having difficulties at first setting up the tent as well as taking it down. Doing this, however, took teamwork, and despite taking the tent out of the bag, folding it better and putting it back about five times on the first day, when we were finally able to do it well, everyone in our tent was relieved and proud of the new skill we had acquired. Our group was also the only group with five people in a four person tent. It was tight but also cozy. As someone who tends to spend more time with boys than girls, it was nice to have a change and spend evenings talking about more personal topics for a change.

The wilderness is an important part of our lives but because we spend so much time in the city and get out so little, we often find ourselves focusing on the issues in our lives and getting very stressed. When we go into the wilderness, we all learn that the world is so much bigger than what we experience on a daily basis. This helps to clear our head and improve our overall interpertation of life.