Charlie Hebdo Free Speech Response

In 2016, a magazine called Charlie Hebdo was attacked by terrorists. The two men who attacked them had been angered by satirical comics based on Mohammed and the Islamic culture that were created by the magazine. This terrorist attack raised bigger questions all around the world that pertained to free speech. There have been a variety of responses in the media about this topic, but there continues to be a large dispute involving the definition of ‘free speech’ and the extremes media can go to in expressing opinions and ideas. In this particular case, anyone not Islamic really has a subjective perspective on the issue, however, it is important to look at the big picture. Although this pushback has been based on media’s hurtful expressions, when it comes to the media, all thoughts should be expressed. This is because it is important for any free country that the media is as widespread in its opinions as possible in order for the country to improve and progress. This involves no or very little censoring of the media, even in controversial cases because all media created is simply an expression of an opinion. In any expression, there will always be opinions that a group of people will not agree with or get offended by. It is therefore best to let all opinions be heard, as they do not always represent the whole country or community.