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Taking part in Little Shop of Horrors

Musicals are something that I’ve always liked from afar. As a person, I’m very loud and energetic but it wasn’t until the end of middle school that I realized how much I liked performing. I really love being a part of something a group of people lovingly work together on to build from the ground up. When I first joined the YIS community, it was two years until I got the chance to participate in a musical. I jumped right on it and ended up with the role of one of six skid row girls from the musical Little Shop of Horrors. We worked after school two days a week for six months and managed to pull everything together in the very last weeks before the performance.

For me, this event was very important in learning more about the kids in grades below me. I knew many kids who had graduated in years past or who are graduating soon but being a part of a group of six girls from all grades helped me to start to get to know some of the kids I hadn’t met before. Sometimes people get caught up in their own lives and grades and it was nice to see a variety of other kids who I hadn’t met but now feel comfortable talking to briefly in the hallways or at events even though the musical itself ended nearly 3 months ago.

Being in a musical also meant that I was able to be a part of the actual music process and bringing everything together from the start to the end. I really enjoyed watching the group go from confused actors to their characters and learning choreography that started out being really difficult but was easier when we could teach each other. The first run through that my group did was also done in front of our first audience. For me, this was nerve-wracking but for some of my friends, it was much more terrifying. At the end of the first performance, I was so proud that we had managed to pull everything together and how well it all went. More than anything I was proud of how hard each person had worked individually as well as together in order to pull everything off as well as it went.

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