GCD Global Understanding – MUN

MUN, or Model United Nations, is an activity that involves representing a country and debating with other delegates assigned to other countries world issues. I have been in this activity since freshman year. Once a topic is chosen, each student chooses a country to represent and does research on the position of the country regarding the topic. From here, the delegates come together to debate on the topic and agree on a solution. One interesting thing about this is that often students will stand for points or opinions that they do not agree with. In turn, this means that students who take part in this activity not only have a greater understanding of world issues but also understand individual attitudes countries have on many of them.

Because I have been in this group for three years now, I often work with other newer students in order to help them further develop their knowledge of the countries they represent. I enjoy this because it means that I get to know more people in the group. It also helps me to further my knowledge of current issues and understand world situations that we are applying the group to.

Often, I will work with one group of kids who all have countries that represent one attitude towards an issue. This is always interesting because it teaches me more and more about individual countries and their general attitudes on world issues, helping me to come up with my own opinions on such issues rather than simply listening to other peoples ideas and repeating them. I believe this is important for anyone, especially when it comes to some current political situations around the world.

Last year, I was a chair at an event for the first time. The chairs in MUN are the people who conduct the meetings and keep the group on track. I enjoyed being a chair because it meant that I could focus more on the situation at hand and individual reactions to it rather than only my countries attitude towards it. This also meant that I could go around and help people individually like I was used to doing at normal meetings which I was familiar with and enjoyed. The attached photo is of me and Angelica, another chair, during a meeting.

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