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Charlie Hebdo Attack: Should Freedom of Speech be Limited?

Considering the attack in Charlie Hebdo, the possible reason is  publisher’s repeated offensive satirical cartoon with deception of Prophet Muhammad, which is banned in Islam religion. Since the attack there has been controversies on whether that cartoon was hate speech or not. ISIS  officially claimed criminal declaration.

Charlie Hebdo has been publishing satirical cartoons since 1970 and it hasn’t only been publishing some offensive ones towards Islam but also towards Africa, Asia, and US. According to The Guardian after the attack Pope Francis said that one cannot make fun of faith and also “There is a limit. Every religion has its dignity…in freedom of expression there are limits.” As Charlie Hebdo violated dignity and rule, and made fun of Islam, which is drawing deception of Prophet Muhammad, which is strictly banned, this cartoon could be considered as hate speech.

According to French Government, even though freedom of expression is supported by the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, public defamation and slander are punishable by law. The cartoon clarly defamed and slandered Islam as it offended Islam’s dignity and made fun of it. Therefore, the cartoon would be considered as hate speech.

Chapitre 6: Mise en Train

    1. Where did Céline and her friends go for the day?
      They went to a castle called Chateau de Chenonceau.
    2. How did they get there?
    3. How did they find out about the history of the château?
    4. What did they do at the château?
      They walked around and inside the château.
    5. What happens at the end of the story?
      Hector got stuck in the river.
    • n’est pas allé au château? Bruno
    • a visité le château? Céline, Hector, Virginie
    • a trouvé Chenonceau magnifique? 
    • a lu le guide du château? Céline
    • a dit qu’il y a des gens qui disparaissent? 
    • a disparu? Hector
    • a cherché Hector partout? Céline et Virginie
  1. Ce week-end, je suis allée visiter le château de Chenonceau. C’était magnifique! On est parti les billets à la gare et le car à 8h10. On est arrivés à Chenonceaux à 8h55. On est allés directement louer des vélos. J’ai lu mon guide du château à haute voix, mais Hector n’écoutait pas. Il nous a dit que des gens disparaissent dans les châteaux, mais je ne l’ai pas cru. Après la visite guidée du château, on a remarqué qu’Hector n’était plus là! On l’a cherché partout, mais il avait disparu sans laisser de traces! La suite au prochain numéro…
  2. 1. ask for an opinion?  – BrunoC’était comment? Ça t’a plu?
    2. express enthusiasm? – Céline: Oui! C’était magnifique! Quelle aventure, je te dis!
    3. express disbelief? – CélineJe ne te crois pas.
  3. Je pense que je vais demander quelqu’un puissant pour tier Hector, où aller demander les persons dans le château pour prêter une échelle.

Le Compte de Monte-Cristo: Chapitre 3

1) a
2) c
3) a
4) b
5) a


La police – Un policier |||  Le crime – un criminel ||| Un complot – complottier ||| L’espionnage – un espion ||| un judgement – un judge ||| la traîtrise – un traitor ||| la prison – un prisonnier ||| la dénonciation – un dénoncier |||

1) numero 34
2) je veux mourir
3) Dieu
4) je veux mourir
5) De faim.

C’est l’abbé qui fait ce bruit.

Le Compte de Monte – Cristo: Chapitre 2

1) Faux
2) Vrai
3) Faux
4) Vrai
5) Faux
6) Vrai
7) Vrai

1) Face à Edmond Dantès, Monsieur de Villefort est d’abord surpris de recontrer un garçon qu’il trouve sympathique.
2) À toutes les questions qu’il lui pose, Edmond Dantès repond de manière franche.
3) En se rendant sur l’île d’Elbe, Edmond Dantès a imprudent.
4) Monsieur de Villefort éprouve un sentiment d’haine.

1) c
2) a
3) d
4) b

a) Ville fort est rentré a son marriage
b) Dantés ne crie pas pour l’appellent
c) Un policier le menace de son pistolet

On-the-spot: Romeo Montague!!

The beautiful city of Verona, located in north of Italy. There are two big rivalling families fighting on a street in this small town… Image

A sneak taken photo of Romeo kissing with Juliet in her garden...

A sneak taken photo of Romeo kissing with Juliet in her balcony… Image

In this Q&A we caught up with the son of the well – known Montague family, Romeo!! Montague is famous as the enemy of Capulets, who’ve been fighting on the streets of Verona many times… There’re lots of rumours about Romeo’s secret romantic relationship with someone, and the murder of Tybalt Capulet by Romeo is fresh in Verona’s mind. If you have any questions or wonder about him, this is it – this Q&A answers all the questions you have! Everything he thinks about the Capulets and Montagues, Everything about the naughty things he’s done so far… So, let’s move onto the Q&A!!

1) There’ve been many fights between Montagues and Capulets. What do you think?
There’re many violent fights between us and Capulet, and my dad really hates Capulets so he’s quite intense to fight against Capulets, and so Benvolio and Mercutio are. But, I’m not interested and don’t care about that, so there’s not a lot of thing that I can talk about the conflict between us and Capulets. The only thing  I can say about the fight, is that we should stop fighting. I think fight doesn’t solve anything, but they should discuss to find the solution.
2) Are you proud of being a Montague even though you’re not involved in a fight?
Yeah, I do love my family, no matter whether I’m interested in a conflict or not.
3) There’s rumours that you’re in romantic relationship with Juliet Capulet. Is it true?
Yeah, that’s true. I first met her in the Capulet ball, when I sneaked in with my servants,  Benvolio, and Mercutio. I saw her dancing with another man, and she was so beautiful that she’d make his hand richer. I felt a powerful pull towards her.
4) If so, what do you think about her?
When I met her for the first time, I was overwhelmed by her beauty, and I was so deeply in love with her that after the Capulet ball I sneaked into her house to meet and talk to her.
5) What was your first impression when you met her for the first time?
I fell in love with her at first sight, that I quickly and completely forgot about Rosaline, my former girlfriend. When I met Juliet in the ball, I was depressed and heartbroken because even though I loved Rosaline she didn’t even had her interest in me at all.
6) Do your family members know that you’re in love with her?
I think Benvolio and Mercutio know, because they were with me in the Capulet ball. But I hope my parents don’t know, because I’m in love with a girl from my father’s worst rival family.
7)  If not, do you want to get married with her even though you’re not supposed to?
 I do, regardless of unstable family relationship between Montague and Capulets. As I said before, it’s  weird, but I don’t actually care about the conflict or fight between two families, even though I live in middle of violent feud. And yeah, I really do  want to stay with her for rest of my life.
8) Is she your ideal type?
Yes, she is my ideal type. She has every component of type I like. I like everything about her. She is extremely beautiful that’s too good for everyday use, and too variable for the earth. I also like the way she talks to me. When I talk to her she responds me in similar way as me so I really feel connected to her.
9) Sorry to ask you, but why did you kill Tybalt Capulet? Is it the reason why you’re banished from Verona?
The reason why I killed Tybalt, is because he killed Mercutio. I was trying to defend and save him, but I couldn’t, and that was very unacceptable for me, so I killed him as punishment for killing Mercutio. Yeah, because of that, the prince banished me from Verona.





















Drama: Evaluation of Kento and Solon’s box set


Our concept of box set is quite straight forward, simple, but it’s easy to understand and grab atmosphere and mood of their houses in the Intruder. We decided to choose the proscenium stage, because it has open space, and it’s also easy to see what is happening, and also to put some windows and other extra furniture. We also tried to have as much space as possible for actors since they move quite a lot to open windows etc. We placed the table around the center and down right, in order to make audiences focus on the table. Considering about the furnitures, we put the Dutch Clock,door and windows on the wall, based on the story (script), and lights around the table to light up the table so this enables to create some shadows and show actors’ facial expressions. However, I do not think that furnitures look realistic and 1800s’, but I still think that we can still grab some sense of this stage.  This room has 7 chairs because there are 7 characters who appear in the play. The atmosphere that is being created in this stage is kind of barren plain, and simple, in order to show the simple atmosphere in house in countryside around 1800s., which is our locational setting in our set. However, the furnitures are not that detailed, but I still think that we still managed to show the atmosphere in 1800s. The colour we used in this model is brownish colour (the colour of cardboard box) in order to show the simplicity of houses in 1800s. However brown is considered as a warm colour so even though the colour on the wall doesn’t 100% look brown, this could make the people inside the stage feel warm, relaxed, and motivated. We used this colour (brownish colour) because around 1800s most of colours of floor had warm colours and furnitures, so we also used warm colour for Dutch Clock (brownish and white to have some contrast and make it look more interesting) and door (purple, because I thought that purple would fit with brownish colour, and to have more contrast and make it look more interesting) well, but not for the table and chairs in order to emphasise the existence and have some contrast to make our model look more visually interesting, because without that there will be no contrast and the model will look way too plain and barren. It is also interesting to note that in 1891, when this play was released, the Carnegie hall opened in NY, and first act of this was taken place in Paris, not in Belgium (where the author is from) so Carnegie hall might have effected the author to show the first act in big city like Paris. The repetition in our model is light. This is because even though we were able to put 1 huge one to light up the stage and also for interior, we decided to put 4 lights so that we can show the actors’ facial expression, and we can leave out many shadows to maybe hide some deeper meanings of the play. The contrast in this model can be the use of different colour in furnitures. For the table and chairs, we used the white colour, and for the door we used the purple colour. We did this because we thought that those colours will fit well with brownish floor and wall, but the biggest reason for that is because to make our model look a bit more interesting and to harmonise well with floors and wall. In terms of unity, I think that unity is quite good, even thought the furnitures don’t look realistic. This is because the floor and walls all have the same colour, and it’s same for table, chairs, and clock as well. There is no furniture that have the same colour as the door, but I still think that the unity is good enough since they can go well with each other. We decided not to put the stairs, because we figured out that the stair can be behind the door.

Le Comte de Monte-Cristo Chapitre 1

1) 3&a, 6&b, 2&c, 4&d, 5&e, 1&f

1: Parce que le capitaine antérieur est malade
2: L’île d’Elbe
3: Napoléon Bonaparte
4:  Envoyer le lettre à M. Villefort
5: Parce qu’il y a un information que quelqu’un était mort.

1)  Caderousse a dit a, d, f, et h
2) Danglars a dit c, e, g, k, l
3) Fernand a dit b, i, j

1. Une chaloupe
2. l’équipage
3. Capitaine
4. Marines
5. Cadons
6. Tâm



Drama Journal: Working on skit with Neil Farrely

After the winter break we worked on making a devised theatre with a man called Neil Farrely. He is from a drama group (?) called Nose to Nose, and he came to YIS to help us with drama skits. We made a short skit that promotes current 8th graders to come to drama when they became 9th grade. I learnt how to effectively express our emotions through drama, and that there are many types of drama; such as physical, narrative, and symbolic.

We started off with a simple warmup. The first one was to move to different spot  in a circle, and as the time went on we stated screaming while moving around, which helped us out with breathing, and breathing helped us a lot when expressing our emotions. After several exercises, he randomly chose our groups and we were told to create a short piece to promote 8th graders to take drama class. At first I was a bit nervous because I was expecting this activity to be very hard, since we had to condense a lot of things in short piece. However, it turned out easy, and we decided to do a narrative piece, which there were a lot of speaking, but no movement. In the piece, Olle was narrating in emotional (?) way, and I was trying to get a basketball from Leo, Takumi,  and Kent, but they all declined my request in variety ways. We tried to make our scene as simple as possible, and I also tried to speak as dramatic and loud enough as possible so that I can effectively express my emotion and situation.

I think that the piece went quite well. I was able to speak clearly, and loud enough, so that everyone could hear what I said without any confusion. However, it look me a bit long time to get used to speak louder, since I don’t normally speak loudly in drama (maybe because I get nervous?). Maybe the issue with my play is that since there was no movement maybe it was a little boring for audiences, and also maybe it was also hard to imagine what happened in the piece mentally. However, I still think that I did well and contribute to group, and I’m glad that I got to work with Neil.

I can connect this experience when I wanted to express my emotions. Tone and the way I breath is very important to show my emotions, and this will be useful in drama and it also become realistic so that audiences can enjoy our piece. I would like to make a full use of this experience in future, and become better at expressing my emotions through words, body. However, I still need to be more relaxed while performing, so that I can easily act out very well and the drama would be much better.

Drama: My room is my ??????

IMG_0309 (1)

Recently we looked at how to represent our room on a sheet of paper by using images, which was “My Room is My …”. I believe that my room is my office. This is because my room looks fairly simple and normal, and there is nothing special, but there are my desk, chair, devices, bookshelf which are for my works but there are also some collections of some scaled models, my tennis equipments, and poster and calendar, which makes my room cooler. Before making my room on a sheet of paper, I came up with some ideas in my rooms; such as what things are there, what is the color, and the mood being created. After thinking about those, I found out that there are my studying and tennis equipments, and since the wall is white, this makes my room calm and relaxed. The mood being created is calm, and chilled since there is nothing in my room that have loud colors.

I tried my best to use the minimum amount of images in order to show the calm and chilled mood of my room, and I also tried to leave out the white space so that I can emphasize the mood even more. However, I tried my best to find cool images of things I have in my room, in order to make my room look cool even though there’s not much things. I also put some books and devices so that I can show the office atmosphere. By putting quite a lot of books, I can emphasize that my room is my office. The balance in my room is quite normal, since the images are scattered all over the sheet of paper. By doing that, there’ll be no too much white space on a paper where there is nothing, which will make the balance bad, but I can feel that there are some fun in my room even though it looks quite like an office. On the other hand, I don’t think that there’s a good unity in my poster, because the images are scattered all over the place, and images are next to thing that doesn’t relate to it at all. However, it was fun making my room, and I would like to do this again. Next time I would focus on making a good unity, so that it looks more organized.

Le Petit Nicolas: Chapitre 9

1) Parce que Nicolas mangeait beaucoup de gâteaux, de bonbons, de caramels, de frites et de glaces.

2) Le docteur était chauve.

3) Nicolas a pris un livre et il a commencé a lire.

4) Alceste.

5) Oui.

6) Parce que Nicolas avait écrasé quelques chocolats sur les draps.

7) Nicolas mis un pyjama propre, le bleu à rayures.

8) Nicolas a dessiné des bateaux de guerre qu se battait contre des avions qui explosaient dans le ciel et châteaux forts.

9) Parce qu’il n’avait plus de propre.

10) Non.

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