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Month: September 2014

Science: Metals in News

Banana Peels – The New Water Purifier?

 Unfamiliar Scientific Words:

–       Nutritious:  Very good (healthy) for you; containing a lot of the substances that make your body grow up.

–       Carboxylic Acid: an organic acid containing a carboxyl group.

–       Chemical Residue: a small amount of chemical that remains after the main part has gone or been taken or used.

–       Miniscule: extremely small.

Summary of the article:


The main idea of the article is that how the banana peels can help to remove heavy metals from polluted water. The sciences that are being used is that researchers had found many compounds inside the banana peel like carboxylic acid, and the acids that bind to many metals came to contact. When carboxylic acid bond with a reactive metals, it creates hydrogen and a salt that are not poisonous. Bond is when two chemicals stuck together and chemically reacted.


I think this will be very useful for polishing stuffs instead of water because recently water cost a lot to use it so that it also saves money a lot. Also we don’t have to use the banana peel a lot. We can use it 11 times!! However, there is 1 bad point of banana peel. It’s that it can’t kill bacteria.


Works Citation


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Science: Metal advertisement reflection

Things that I had to do:

  • Write in more detail to my advertisement
  • Do more research on tungsten
  • Write correct and neat bibliography
  • More photos of tungsten and product.

What I will do next time:

  • Do a lot of research on the metals
  • Write in very details in clear and neat sentences
  • Write a neat and clear bibliography
  • Insert more photographs of the metal and a product

Tutor: My goal for this year

My goals of this year


S – Specific


M – Measurable


A – Achievable


R – Relevant


T – Time contained


  • I want to be even better at math.
  • I want to improve English more than this year.
  • I want to be better at French.
  • I want to be better at tennis.
  • Since I’m new student this year, I want to make more friends.
  • I want to be better at everything.


Drama: Stereotypes

So what is stereotypes? It’s kind of label, usually led by appearance, nationality and culture. For example Japanese people do karate or kendo, and often eat sashimi and sushis. I think this is stereotypical because I’m Japanese and some of my friends do kendo and love eating sushis. But in someways stereotypes are useful. If you have meetings or have a lunch or a dinner with European people in Japan, you might go to Japanese restaurant so that they can taste Japanese food and Japanese culture. However, stereotypes might be bad because people might insult other people by religion, culture, skin colour, and books. I think this will cause power struggle. So we must not insult people by their own stereotypes.

French: Chapter 7 Mise en train

Exercice un:

1) I think they are talking about their family.
2) Isabelle has a little brother named Alexandre.
3) She has 3 cousins.
4) She mentions her grandparents, her aunts and uncles, and her cousins.

5) She thinks her family is good, expect for her brother.



Exercice deux:

1) Vrai
2) Faux
3) Faux
4) Faux
5) Faux


Exercise Trois:

1) Vrai
2) Faux
3) Faux
4) Faux
5) Faux

Exercice Quatre:

1) Je peux… ?
2)C’est, Ce sont
3)Il sont heureux.
4)Elle est très intelligente, elle est adorable.
5)Il/Elle a… ans.
6)Il est parfois pénible.


Exercise Cinq:

Je ne sais pas la famille comme la famille d’Isabelle.



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