Banana Peels – The New Water Purifier?

 Unfamiliar Scientific Words:

–       Nutritious:  Very good (healthy) for you; containing a lot of the substances that make your body grow up.

–       Carboxylic Acid: an organic acid containing a carboxyl group.

–       Chemical Residue: a small amount of chemical that remains after the main part has gone or been taken or used.

–       Miniscule: extremely small.

Summary of the article:


The main idea of the article is that how the banana peels can help to remove heavy metals from polluted water. The sciences that are being used is that researchers had found many compounds inside the banana peel like carboxylic acid, and the acids that bind to many metals came to contact. When carboxylic acid bond with a reactive metals, it creates hydrogen and a salt that are not poisonous. Bond is when two chemicals stuck together and chemically reacted.


I think this will be very useful for polishing stuffs instead of water because recently water cost a lot to use it so that it also saves money a lot. Also we don’t have to use the banana peel a lot. We can use it 11 times!! However, there is 1 bad point of banana peel. It’s that it can’t kill bacteria.


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