The two countries I chose are quite developed and I think they are quite similar to each other. My research topics are that why those two countries are highly developed.

Qatar has life expectancy of 78 years, but surprisingly,  it increased a lot in 100 years. Also it is interesting to note that it has GDP per capita of 131,758 dollars, which is the richest and highly developed country in Arab region. I think it is that high because in Qatar, there are quite a few citizens (apx. 2.2 million) and also it has the world’s third largest natural gas reserves and oil reserves in excess of 25 billion barrels.

Switzerland has life expectancy of 80, which is one of the highest. It has GDP per capita of 53,672 dollars, which is third highest in Europe. I think it is that succeeded because even though there are a lot citizens (more than 8 million) in Switzerland they still get a lot money by food, and visitors. Because in Switzerland there are a lot of watch, cheese, and chocolate brands and more than 8 million visitors visit Switzerland.