I read a book called “Holes” this summer. I found that this book is very enthusiastic, exciting, and fun, that I burst into laugh while I was reading it. and also it pushed me a theme strongly. It is highly recommended for all readers. For the second question, I think that the theme of this book is “NEVER GIVE UP!!”, because the main character (Stanley) committed a crime and he was sent to the green lake. Although there were bullies and, fights, he never gave up digging the holes so that he managed to fit in with prisoners and he got a nickname of Caveman. I think that the symbol of this book is yellow lizard. In the green lake camp, it is very well known as a very dangerous animal because it has very sharp and big teeth and poison so if it bites people, they will really get hurt. I think that this symbol represents a danger, and maybe as well as don’t dig too much, because otherwise it will bite you, so that you will get hurt and have a terrible experiences. For the third question, I felt that the texts are strong, as much as coming out of the book. Because it was very enthusiastic, and also it had a very very strong message of never give up. Also my emotional response to this story is like very exciting, fun, and impressive. I have never read this sort of book before, and also it’s one of the best books I ever read overall. For the last question, I think that the author tried to publish a book that has strong message of never give up, because I think she really wanted to say it. Also I’m not sure but she might have used different vocabulary and grammar to make the message stronger and emotional. Then finally, she publish an incredible novel that is very emotional, exciting, fun, and impressive called “Holes”.