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Month: January 2015

Texts for Change: Exhibition Reflection

1st semester:

It has been long and fun journey. So I would like to talk about what we did so far.

At the beginning of this unit, we focused on poem and some persuasive techniques that are used. For the poem, we read several poems such as “Death of a tree” and other impressive poem written by William Wordsworth and some other poets. We read and discussed about those poems such as persuasive techniques and by using persuasive techniques, we also created a poem for ourselves. After the poem, we focused on advertisement, and we looked at the Greenpeace’s impressive ad, and some persuasive techniques. At the end of the first semester, we created screencast that compares ad contrasts between poem and the ad.

2nd semester:

In second semester, we are told to create and ad that persuades people to /not to do for the earth. So I decided to create an ad that is based on water pollution, because recently the pollution is one of the largest problem in the world, and the reason for this, is that water is our life! And if water is kept being polluted, that means this will destroy our environment, and it can also destroy our lives! Also I wrote a rationale that explains about my ad, particularly on persuasive techniques and the reason why I made it. At the end of this unit, we had looked at my classmates’ work and we had to write a comment. So I chose Micah’s ad, which claims about fracking. I found his ad very persuasive because it’s quite simple, but there is quite a big message. On his ad, “I can’t hold my breathe any longer! But the air will kill meeeee”. I think this text is very emotional, and also we feel a bit guilty for people who is trying to do fracking, and this text also shows how serious the situation would be if they started fracking.

For conclusion, I think it’s quite good to know and study on the problems of the earth, and create an ad or poem that claims about it. Also I found this unit very fun and interesting because I learnt quite a lot of vocabularies that I never knew so I think those vocabularies would be useful in the future.

French: Chapitre 9 – Mise en train

Activité 1:
1)It wasn’t bad.
2) It was excellent, because she went to many places with her friends.
3) I think she does, because they were talking to each other a lot.
4) Because her dad had to call someone.

Activité 2:
1) Magali
2) Hélène
3) Hélène
4) Magali
5) Hélène
6) Hélène

Activité 3:
4, 1, 2, 3.

Activité 4:
1) le père de Magali
2) Magali
3) Ahmed
4) Hélène
5) Magali

Activité 5:
1) Allô?
2) C’est… à l’appareil.
3) Tu as passé un bon week-end?
4) Qu’est-ce que tu as fait?
5) Attends une seconde.
6) Qu’est-ce qui s’est passé?

Activité 6:
She and her friends went to village and boutique and Ahmed bought a doll for Magali.

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