1) Found poems are poems that take only existing texts and refashion, reorder, and present them as a poem. Also it is the equivalent of collage, and found poetry is often seen from newspaper articles, street signs, speeches, graffiti, letters, and other poems.

2) I think found poem is used often because by using few words from the novel, poets can express their tone and message as strong and impressive as possible. However, if they use normal poem (don’t use found poem), I think the tone and message would be weaker, because in normal poem there are quite a lot of other words that makes texts, tone, and message a little weaker, but normal poem is very persuasive.


My found poem:

This is full of magical adventure

When he is back in the summer

He heard that

A wizard called Sirius Black is escaped

And he is trying to kill Harry

But that’s not it

Aunt came to their house

But she died

Because he used magic

Harry escaped from house and saw a huge black dog

And rode a mysterious buss called Knight Bus

And he met a man called Fudge

And he met his friends again

And their exciting  adventure continues…