In drama class, we were told to chose global issue that might affect our lives, and present the persuasive speech on information I got to the classmates. So, I decided to research and present on drugs.

From now on, I will list up the things that went quite well: 

– I am quite confident with my information, because I researched as much as possible and I tried to summarise as much as possible. Also I put quite a lot of effort in conclusion, so that people would understand and see what I wanted to say.

– I think my speech went well. Before the speech, I was so nervous because I was wondering whether I can speak clearly, and not to get stuck during the speech. However, During my speech, I didn’t get stuck and I think I spoke clearly than I thought. That made me quite confident, and I should make good use of this result.

However, there are also something that I could improve:

– I could speak more confidently. The reason for this is that during the speech, I wasn’t looking people’s eyes, which means I didn’t make an eye contact. This would affect the speech a lot, because if I kept looking down, people would think I am nervous, so that they might found my speech boring. So next time, I will try to look at people, and not to rely on the paper. I believe this would make the speech better.

– I think I looked physically locked during the speech. I was a bit disappointed because my shoulder and body was completely locked. I think I was nervous like I mentioned before. Also my face looked very sad and scared. This would make the listeners uncomfortable, because I was locked and I looked so scared. So next time, I will try to look happy, and relaxed that I can move my body. This will make the people so much comfortable.

I liked Aitor’s presentation. His speech was clear, and he looked very confident while he was speaking. I think that his speech was the one that represented the speech the most. His topic was to convince rich businessman to donate to the poor people.

During the speech, he captivated the audience’s attention. He was speaking very confidently, and he was making eye contact, which made the audience comfortable. He talked in detail, and he also had a bit of sense of crisis about current situation, which made us think a lot. He had good body movement (?), and his arms are moving effectively to show example. His voice was clear, that was easy to understand. As I mentioned before, he was talking very confidently when he was presenting, and his content also related to the topic, which made for a good persuasive speech.

Things that he could improve was to improve on evidence and data. I think typical businessmen would want to know the data before getting into conclusion, however, his speech had more assumption than factual data. If he improved this speech, I believe there is nothing we can say that his speech will become so much reliable. However, Aitor had good detail in his speech that persuaded us a lot.