Key Idea:

For the past two weeks in drama we learned two crucial components of drama, which are focus, and place / space. We looked at how focus affect the drama, and also how much focus is needed to create a good space of drama. The effect of focus is that it makes the audience to easily  understand what’s happening in the play if the character has focus or he/ she is focused on something that creates more tension and you also feel curious what they are looking at, and what are they going to do with that. So, in order to see that, in real life, Claire and Kent demonstrated this to the class. At first they just walked around looking for nothing, which made no effect, but as they started focusing on something they saw, I also started focusing on that as well. Also, even though they pretend that something is there and start focusing on that, I also started focusing as well. This helped me learn some idea of focus.

We also looked at space / place. We looked at 9 positions of stage and compared which position is the most effective in order to create a tension.


We played many activities and games to know more about focus, and me, Takumi, Solon, Leo, Jay, Mee-Linn created a plot of what we played, and then how to imply those components into the play. The outline of the play is that the child (Solon) is arguing his mom (Mee-Linn) because he wanted to join the gang in order to make him look cooler. Since Mee-Linn tried him to stop joining the gang, he forcefully went out of the house, and one gang group (me, Leo, Jay, Takumi) found him in a street, so we all start luring him, by saying “you look so handsome, you wanna smoke?” and other things. As we kept saying that to Solon, he starts getting scared, he starts crying and went back to his house, and he reconciled with his mom (Mee-Linn).


When we were performing our I realized that there was quite a strong focus on space, which makes people focus on one region, but there was no focus on one thing, which might cause audiences’ eyes to dart around, so we might not be able to show something we want, and also audiences might focus on different thing from what we want them to focus on. Also, since I was a gang so I didn’t really have something that I definitely had to say, and also the gang scene just finished in a minute, and also all of us are talking at the same time, they might not 100% understand what’s happening in the scene. So, next time I would like to show my existence by maybe saying something important, so that leave out some impression during the play.


Those activities really helped me learn about how to use the space and things effectively, in order to create a effective stage and create more tension, which makes the audiences more exciting, and focused on one thing or space, contributing to leave out a good impression of a play, and actors.