Key Idea:
For the past 2 weeks, we have been learning another crucial components of drama, which is “Symbol”. Symbol is something that represent some deeper meaning, such as organization, process, and material object representing something abstract. For example, diamond ring would represent love, marriage, luxury, and expensive, while question mark would represent mystery, future, and wonders. By using symbols, this makes actors easier to represent something without explaining longly. For example, when one man wants to propose his girlfriend, it’ll be easier if he just showed a diamond ring in stead of talking to her, since he might get very nervous while talking to her about that. However, there’s also another way to use symbols in drama as well with deeper meaning. For example in a play if one man says to his girlfriend “we’ll be together eternally”, this represent he wants to get marries with her. These are very easy way to quickly change the situation of a play, and this would create tension since actors show, not tell what they want to say.

In order to experience some deeper meanings of symbols, first we (me and Takumi) wrote some words that we thought while looking at a diamond, and we wrote words like luxury, love, and so on. Also, our group paired up with Solon and Kent to create a play that includes our symbol (diamond) and their symbol (light bulb). The play was about a couple (Kent and Solon) broke up, and after Solon went into the cave, he found a light, and there was Kent apologizing about the conflict, and I was in charge of welcoming Solon to the spot where Kent was waiting for him. We also made a second play, that we have to show the symbols less frequently. This play was about that after the marriage between a couple (Kent and Solon), their relationship started getting worse, and Kent asks the priest (Takumi) and Solon asks his father (me) for help how to deal with each other. After suggesting them, there was an argument again, but they got reconciled after seeing at the wedding ring (diamond ring).

While me and Takumi were writing words we thought of while looking a the diamond ring, I realized that diamond ring actually represents many things, so it turned out that symbol is not a representation of one thing, but many things. And, I really felt that symbol can change the whole mood, situation, and tension of play while acting out our play. Also, I really felt that by suing symbol, we can reduce the amount of talks and explanations, so that we can make our ply more exciting and enjoyable. However, in order to improve my acting skill, I strongly felt that I still need to relax more while acting our play.

Symbols can be used in many ways in drama, in order to create a tension of a play, by showing rather than telling, and this also makes actors easier to play since this reduces more talking in the play. Also, I really felt that this technique can also be used in English story writing, while writing a creative story, or essay, so that this also makes writers easier, since symbols reduce the amount of words by showing something deep and important.