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Month: December 2015

InS 9: Why didn’t they help?

On February 2 2005, a 21 years old man Matthew Carrington died after getting intoxicated while doing pushups after drinking tons of water during ritual in a fraternity called Hell Week. The main reason why he died is that he drunk too much water, in the cold basement of the now-defunct Chi Tau fraternity house at West Fourth and Chestnut streets, which is located Chico, California. After drinking water, he was doing pushups, but suddenly fainted, since water started going into his lunges. However, his 3 friends (Gabe Maestretti, J.P. Fickes, and Jerry Ming Lim) did not take it seriously, since they thought Matthew was just sleeping, so they didn’t call ambulance for an hour. However, he died after 27 minutes after arrival in Emergency Department. By this case, J.P. Fickes and Jerry Ming Lim were sentenced to six month, and Gabe Maestretti for a year.

I think that they did not call the ambulance because they all thought that Matthew was just sleeping, since he was just snoring, because he was drunk right after he fainted, and also no one else was taking any action. However, after an hour they started hearing some strange snoring sound from him, but it was too late, and that’s the most serous reason of Matthew’s death. If they called ambulance as soon as he fainted, then his life might have been saved. If I were them, then I would immediately call the ambulance as soon as he fainted, and if didn’t respond to my voice. By watching and knowing about this video, I strongly learnt how important is it to take action when someone was in critical situation, even though no one is taking action, to help the person who needs help.

Le Petit Nicolas: Chapitre 7

1) La visite de M. Le Ministre
2) Il n’y a pas eu le raison.
3) La Marseillais
4) Rufus
5) Bleu, blanc, et rouge
6) Parce que le directeur s’est passe la main sur la figure et il a demande à la maîtresse s’il pouvait continuer.
7) Non
8) Parce qu’ils sont impolis.
9) Non
10) Non

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