Key Idea:
Recently, we have been working on movement, which is one of the most crucial components in drama. Movement is useful when you want to show your characteristics. For example confident or rich man can walk expanding his chest with a big stride, while unconfident or poor man can walk bending his back with a little steps. Movement is also useful when you want to change the situation, to prevent some complicated explanation, but it’ll also be effective to increase or decrease the tension.

For the first activity, we (Takumi and I) chose one word, which is isolation, and make a frozen image. While we are making the image we had consider about distance between each of us, hight, proximity, and symmetry.
And for the second one, we (Takumi, Lea, Mee-Linn, Moe, and I) had to create a 4 frozen image of path of human life, which is birth, childhood, adulthood, and later years. We had to consider about the gestures, for example to show the characteristics of childhood we need to look a bit curious about anything, and also for the later year we had to bend our body. We also had to create a scene that connects those 4 images.
For the third activity, we had to create a scene that uses multiple movements, and our group (Takumi, Olle, Solon, and I) decided to create a scene that Solon and I walk while expanding our chests to show we are rich, and that Olle and Takumi sneaks behind us, and catch us, and kill me by cutting me in pieces.

In the first activity, I laid myself on the floor, while Takumi turned his back on me. Many people answered “isolation” when the teacher asked, so I found that movement is also very easy to show the stereotypes as well. Many other groups did isolation, and they all had quite a similar pose as ours.
In the second activity, Moe stretched herself to represent the birth of new life, and Mee-Linn tried to go to look for something to represent the childhood, while we were trying to stop her, and Lea making a fashion pose (not sure about this) and us getting surprised to show the adulthood, and Takumi and I going to heaven to show death. We struggle with connecting all 4 movements in a scene, but we made changes for death part. While Lea, Mee-Linn, Takumi and I were going away from Moe to show we are dead, Moe catches Takumi’s hand to join us.
In the third activity, we used walking, sneaking in, catching, killing, and falling etc. While I was watching other groups’ scene, I realized that many movements are used in one scene, even we didn’t consider about them at all.

While working on movement, I realized that movement, tension, and mood are deeply connected to each other. This is because if we changed the movement, for example if I started moving smoothly and slowly, this lowers the tension, and makes a relaxed mood, while when I started moving quickly this increases the tension and makes a hurrying mood. In this way, if I wanted to change the mood and increase or decrease tension, and change the situation of a scene, I just need to change the body movement, so there’ll be less confusion rather than start speaking quickly or slowly to change the mood, since it’ll be hard for the audience to hear what we are saying.