After the winter break we worked on making a devised theatre with a man called Neil Farrely. He is from a drama group (?) called Nose to Nose, and he came to YIS to help us with drama skits. We made a short skit that promotes current 8th graders to come to drama when they became 9th grade. I learnt how to effectively express our emotions through drama, and that there are many types of drama; such as physical, narrative, and symbolic.

We started off with a simple warmup. The first one was to move to different spot  in a circle, and as the time went on we stated screaming while moving around, which helped us out with breathing, and breathing helped us a lot when expressing our emotions. After several exercises, he randomly chose our groups and we were told to create a short piece to promote 8th graders to take drama class. At first I was a bit nervous because I was expecting this activity to be very hard, since we had to condense a lot of things in short piece. However, it turned out easy, and we decided to do a narrative piece, which there were a lot of speaking, but no movement. In the piece, Olle was narrating in emotional (?) way, and I was trying to get a basketball from Leo, Takumi,  and Kent, but they all declined my request in variety ways. We tried to make our scene as simple as possible, and I also tried to speak as dramatic and loud enough as possible so that I can effectively express my emotion and situation.

I think that the piece went quite well. I was able to speak clearly, and loud enough, so that everyone could hear what I said without any confusion. However, it look me a bit long time to get used to speak louder, since I don’t normally speak loudly in drama (maybe because I get nervous?). Maybe the issue with my play is that since there was no movement maybe it was a little boring for audiences, and also maybe it was also hard to imagine what happened in the piece mentally. However, I still think that I did well and contribute to group, and I’m glad that I got to work with Neil.

I can connect this experience when I wanted to express my emotions. Tone and the way I breath is very important to show my emotions, and this will be useful in drama and it also become realistic so that audiences can enjoy our piece. I would like to make a full use of this experience in future, and become better at expressing my emotions through words, body. However, I still need to be more relaxed while performing, so that I can easily act out very well and the drama would be much better.