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Recently we looked at how to represent our room on a sheet of paper by using images, which was “My Room is My …”. I believe that my room is my office. This is because my room looks fairly simple and normal, and there is nothing special, but there are my desk, chair, devices, bookshelf which are for my works but there are also some collections of some scaled models, my tennis equipments, and poster and calendar, which makes my room cooler. Before making my room on a sheet of paper, I came up with some ideas in my rooms; such as what things are there, what is the color, and the mood being created. After thinking about those, I found out that there are my studying and tennis equipments, and since the wall is white, this makes my room calm and relaxed. The mood being created is calm, and chilled since there is nothing in my room that have loud colors.

I tried my best to use the minimum amount of images in order to show the calm and chilled mood of my room, and I also tried to leave out the white space so that I can emphasize the mood even more. However, I tried my best to find cool images of things I have in my room, in order to make my room look cool even though there’s not much things. I also put some books and devices so that I can show the office atmosphere. By putting quite a lot of books, I can emphasize that my room is my office. The balance in my room is quite normal, since the images are scattered all over the sheet of paper. By doing that, there’ll be no too much white space on a paper where there is nothing, which will make the balance bad, but I can feel that there are some fun in my room even though it looks quite like an office. On the other hand, I don’t think that there’s a good unity in my poster, because the images are scattered all over the place, and images are next to thing that doesn’t relate to it at all. However, it was fun making my room, and I would like to do this again. Next time I would focus on making a good unity, so that it looks more organized.