Our concept of box set is quite straight forward, simple, but it’s easy to understand and grab atmosphere and mood of their houses in the Intruder. We decided to choose the proscenium stage, because it has open space, and it’s also easy to see what is happening, and also to put some windows and other extra furniture. We also tried to have as much space as possible for actors since they move quite a lot to open windows etc. We placed the table around the center and down right, in order to make audiences focus on the table. Considering about the furnitures, we put the Dutch Clock,door and windows on the wall, based on the story (script), and lights around the table to light up the table so this enables to create some shadows and show actors’ facial expressions. However, I do not think that furnitures look realistic and 1800s’, but I still think that we can still grab some sense of this stage. ┬áThis room has 7 chairs because there are 7 characters who appear in the play. The atmosphere that is being created in this stage is kind of barren plain, and simple, in order to show the simple atmosphere in house in countryside around 1800s., which is our locational setting in our set. However, the furnitures are not that detailed, but I still think that we still managed to show the atmosphere in 1800s. The colour we used in this model is brownish colour (the colour of cardboard box) in order to show the simplicity of houses in 1800s. However brown is considered as a warm colour so even though the colour on the wall doesn’t 100% look brown, this could make the people inside the stage feel warm, relaxed, and motivated. We used this colour (brownish colour) because around 1800s most of colours of floor had warm colours and furnitures, so we also used warm colour for Dutch Clock (brownish and white to have some contrast and make it look more interesting) and door (purple, because I thought that purple would fit with brownish colour, and to have more contrast and make it look more interesting) well, but not for the table and chairs in order to emphasise the existence and have some contrast to make our model look more visually interesting, because without that there will be no contrast and the model will look way too plain and barren. It is also interesting to note that in 1891, when this play was released, the Carnegie hall opened in NY, and first act of this was taken place in Paris, not in Belgium (where the author is from) so Carnegie hall might have effected the author to show the first act in big city like Paris. The repetition in our model is light. This is because even though we were able to put 1 huge one to light up the stage and also for interior, we decided to put 4 lights so that we can show the actors’ facial expression, and we can leave out many shadows to maybe hide some deeper meanings of the play. The contrast in this model can be the use of different colour in furnitures. For the table and chairs, we used the white colour, and for the door we used the purple colour. We did this because we thought that those colours will fit well with brownish floor and wall, but the biggest reason for that is because to make our model look a bit more interesting and to harmonise well with floors and wall. In terms of unity, I think that unity is quite good, even thought the furnitures don’t look realistic. This is because the floor and walls all have the same colour, and it’s same for table, chairs, and clock as well. There is no furniture that have the same colour as the door, but I still think that the unity is good enough since they can go well with each other. We decided not to put the stairs, because we figured out that the stair can be behind the door.