The beautiful city of Verona, located in north of Italy. There are two big rivalling families fighting on a street in this small town… Image

A sneak taken photo of Romeo kissing with Juliet in her garden...

A sneak taken photo of Romeo kissing with Juliet in her balcony… Image

In this Q&A we caught up with the son of the well – known Montague family, Romeo!! Montague is famous as the enemy of Capulets, who’ve been fighting on the streets of Verona many times… There’re lots of rumours about Romeo’s secret romantic relationship with someone, and the murder of Tybalt Capulet by Romeo is fresh in Verona’s mind. If you have any questions or wonder about him, this is it – this Q&A answers all the questions you have! Everything he thinks about the Capulets and Montagues, Everything about the naughty things he’s done so far… So, let’s move onto the Q&A!!

1) There’ve been many fights between Montagues and Capulets. What do you think?
There’re many violent fights between us and Capulet, and my dad really hates Capulets so he’s quite intense to fight against Capulets, and so Benvolio and Mercutio are. But, I’m not interested and don’t care about that, so there’s not a lot of thing that I can talk about the conflict between us and Capulets. The only thing  I can say about the fight, is that we should stop fighting. I think fight doesn’t solve anything, but they should discuss to find the solution.
2) Are you proud of being a Montague even though you’re not involved in a fight?
Yeah, I do love my family, no matter whether I’m interested in a conflict or not.
3) There’s rumours that you’re in romantic relationship with Juliet Capulet. Is it true?
Yeah, that’s true. I first met her in the Capulet ball, when I sneaked in with my servants,  Benvolio, and Mercutio. I saw her dancing with another man, and she was so beautiful that she’d make his hand richer. I felt a powerful pull towards her.
4) If so, what do you think about her?
When I met her for the first time, I was overwhelmed by her beauty, and I was so deeply in love with her that after the Capulet ball I sneaked into her house to meet and talk to her.
5) What was your first impression when you met her for the first time?
I fell in love with her at first sight, that I quickly and completely forgot about Rosaline, my former girlfriend. When I met Juliet in the ball, I was depressed and heartbroken because even though I loved Rosaline she didn’t even had her interest in me at all.
6) Do your family members know that you’re in love with her?
I think Benvolio and Mercutio know, because they were with me in the Capulet ball. But I hope my parents don’t know, because I’m in love with a girl from my father’s worst rival family.
7)  If not, do you want to get married with her even though you’re not supposed to?
 I do, regardless of unstable family relationship between Montague and Capulets. As I said before, it’s  weird, but I don’t actually care about the conflict or fight between two families, even though I live in middle of violent feud. And yeah, I really do  want to stay with her for rest of my life.
8) Is she your ideal type?
Yes, she is my ideal type. She has every component of type I like. I like everything about her. She is extremely beautiful that’s too good for everyday use, and too variable for the earth. I also like the way she talks to me. When I talk to her she responds me in similar way as me so I really feel connected to her.
9) Sorry to ask you, but why did you kill Tybalt Capulet? Is it the reason why you’re banished from Verona?
The reason why I killed Tybalt, is because he killed Mercutio. I was trying to defend and save him, but I couldn’t, and that was very unacceptable for me, so I killed him as punishment for killing Mercutio. Yeah, because of that, the prince banished me from Verona.