Pope Francis’s “one cannot insult other people’s faith” Claim is Very, Very Debatable

According to The Guardian, Pope Francis made a statement regarding hate speech towards religion in light of the Charlie Hebdo attacks that happened in Paris, France:

“One cannot provoke, one cannot insult other people’s faith, one cannot make fun of faith. There is a limit. Every religion has its dignity…in freedom of expression there are limits.”

It is understandable why a very religious person such as the Pope would believe this, religious people naturally don’t like being insulted. But if he is insinuating that Charlie Hebdo should be outlawed, then here is an argument against that idea:

  1. While Charlie Hebdo is one of the most abhorrent magazine brands out there, they are only voicing their opinions through satirical comics, and while it does make a lot of people angry because their viewpoint is very controversial, they are purely exercising their freedom of expression and it is their right if they want to convey their opinion in such a manner.
  2.  Of course, the general consensus is that Charlie Hebdo is cancerous because they are intentionally flagrant towards groups, but if we limited insults towards religion like Pope Francis suggested, then multiple detrimental things would happen. For example, there would be an overload of lawsuits filed against those who criticise religion, and at the end of the day, people voicing their negative opinion towards religion would be illegal, which is government censorship. Government censorship is a dangerous road to go down, because when we start censoring certain opinions, then it makes it more acceptable to censor other offensive opinions, which is an aspect of a fascist government.



“They’re my friends, but…”

Benvolio Interview Photo

                                               (Benvolio explaining his role in the fight)

ScreenTeamMedia. “Romeo and Juliet Kodi Smit McPhee Benvolio On Set Movie Interview.” YouTube. YouTube, 02 Oct. 2013. Web. 21 May 2016.

In this week’s copy of “Montague Moments” we grabbed an interview with the one and only – Benvolio Montague. We interviewed him on the recent brutal brawl between Romeo, Mercutio and Tybalt. To sum things up for you, it resulted in Mercutio’s death by Tybalt, and very soon after, Tybalt’s death at the hands of Romeo. Romeo immediately escaped the bloodstained scene. Benvolio’s take on the whole situation shows that he has lost some faith in his friends:


Q: What exactly was your role in the fight?

A: I must say I think my role in that fight was the man trying to break the fight up. Note the keyword “trying”. My absurdly honor-bound friend Mercutio and my soon after furious friend Romeo wouldn’t even bother listening to anything I advised them to do.


Q: One of our members witnessed the scene, and saw you said something to Romeo before he ran shortly after… What exactly did you tell him?

A: Considering that this was probably Romeo’s death sentence, I told him to run, to be gone, as far as away as he possibly could from the scene. I didn’t tell him anything else.


Q: We heard that Lady Capulet accused you of lying to the prince about the fight to protect Romeo. We even called her today about it, and she is still sure you lied about the fight. Any thoughts on that statement?

A: Well in case you haven’t figured out yet, Lady Capulet was being biased beyond belief. She thinks that all Montagues are some sort of scum willing to lie for one another, even if the person we’re saving is Lucifer in the flesh. God, I hate it when Capulets stereotype. If you know me well enough, you know I would only tell truth to Prince Escalus. Nothing biased, deceptive, or whatever other adjective Lady Capulet used to describe me.


Q: Unlike Lady Capulet, some people who prefer to stay anonymous say that your loyalty towards the Montague clan is a bit questionable, but they’re basing that idea off you telling Prince Escalus that Romeo killed Tybalt. What do you think about that?

A: Well to be fair I didn’t protect Romeo like Lady Capulet said I did, but I didn’t alter any of the truth because I know that the Prince is only trying to make the town a more peaceful place. I’d say that my loyalty generally is pretty neutral, because I would be truthful to people like Escalus, but I would never do anything that would jeopardize one of my fellow Montagues’ future. Telling Escalus truthfully what happened isn’t even remotely unloyal — there were so many witnesses, it would be impossible to pull off a big lie.


Q: Do you think that Romeo killing Tybalt was justice for Mercutio’s death?

A: Mercutio did start the fight… So Tybalt dying in such a painful way doesn’t exactly compensate for Mercutio’s death. Had Tybalt lived, he would have paid some large price for agreeing to the fight and killing Mercutio, but most likely not a price worth his life.


Q: What do you think of Romeo and Mercutio now after the fight?

A: They’re my friends, but… My friends man… Why do they believe violence is so honorable? Their mindset is so ridiculously illogical sometimes. It’s like — don’t they value their lives? I probably value their lives more than they do. I’m not sure what to think of them at this point. Mercutio’s dead, probably regretting it in hell, and Romeo is probably regretting as well, because he’s never going to see his friends or family for a long time, at least in Verona.


Q: Do you think Romeo deserves to have been exiled?

A: Honestly, probably, because he killed someone for killing someone without a fair trial, which isn’t exactly how the world should work.


Q: Do you think Romeo got off lucky, or was over-punished?

A: Legitimately I think he got off really lucky. For 1, had the Prince been in a worse mood, Romeo could have been executed, and 2, he got exiled, being forced to stay out of Verona. Had he been held in a cell in Verona, Romeo would’ve probably been lynched by the Capulets.



ぼくは日本語のクラスに、回転ずしのインフォグラフィックについてプレゼンテーションを作りました。ぼくの選んだインフォグラフィックは特に回転ずしのエチケットの事を話しました。ぼくのプレゼンテーションにぼくが回転ずしを説明をして、インフォグラフィックのがいようをして、そしてインフォグラフィックのユニークなポイントについて話したの。ぼくはぼくのがいようと回転ずしの説明はいいだと思ううけど、ぼくのユニークなポイントの説明は短かすぎだと思う、そしてぼくの声の トーンはちょっとつまらない、と興味がないみたいが思います。


Why They Didn’t Help

On February 2nd 2005, Matthew Carrington tried to get into a fraternity by doing a ritual involving drinking massive amount of water (Five gallons) and then performing calisthenics (Pushups & sit-ups).  During the calisthenics, Matthew lost consciousness and blacked out. One of the four present fraternity members was going to call an ambulance, but the rest thought that Matthew was going to be alright and thought that he was just sleeping from doing all the calisthenics, so they didn’t call for help. However, one hour later Matthew stopped breathing, in which the four fraternity brothers knew he was not okay. They called an ambulance over, but was pronounced dead in the ambulance. The four fraternity members pleaded guilty for involuntary manslaughter, the longest sentence being one year.

While Matthew’s friends should have called an ambulance, it really was just their misconception of what was happening inside Matthew’s body when he blacked out. They really believed he was going to be alright, and that calling an ambulance would be too drastic.

However, there is also another reason for them not calling the ambulance soon enough. The bystander effect, the idea that the amount of people around you can decrease your chance of making a logical choice due to pressure/diffusion of responsibility, is probably a big reason as to why they didn’t call an ambulance until he stopped breathing.

Imagine you are forcing your friend to do what the fraternity members forced Matthew Carringon to do on the day of his death, and then see him pass out. I would have called an ambulance immediately. Now imagine that three of your closest friends are around during this, and they all say that they he is okay. Not knowing the consequences or this case, I probably would have just agreed with them.

Wikipedia. “Matt’s Law.” Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 8 Nov. 2015. Web. 10 Dec. 2015.

アルバイト インタービュ リフレクション










Q. What were the high points and low points of this week?  What made it a high point and a low point? (The what part of the question is most important).

A. The high points of this week was meeting again with friends after the long summer break, and getting acquainted with new students. This is because I was excited to see friends again after two months. There are no low points.

Q. How are you planning on organizing yourself to complete homework tasks this year?

A. When I come home, I will either relax or start homework, depending on how much homework I have. After dinner I definitely start homework regardless of the amount. I start out the homework depending on how important the task is. If I have a graded project for science class, and a small chapter read for English, I would start the science homework first.


I&S City Project Script and Map

Basic structure of the speech:

  1. Noel

Welcome to New Banter. An organic city, freed from the stress of the world filled with gray skyscrapers and unhealthy gas filling the air. Our city is something that has been never done. Never thought of. And a city, that can change what a “city” is. Look around the city you live in, or you know. Where did the green go? Where’s the rivers where you feel like swimming in? In our city, we bond the state of the art technologies with the beauty of nature. Welcome, to New Banter.

2. Dan

Sustainable energy from solar panels provides wealth and fun to the city, but solar panels are not taking every single roof on your buildings, reducing the fun. Solar panels are mostly built on the outskirts of the city. Many roofs of the residential buildings are filled with green gardens with a beautiful view of this highly advanced city.

3.  Junryu

Relaxation at it’s finest. After finishing the hard work of the day, get some sweat out at the gym to maintain a healthy body. And nobody likes you stinking and tired? Have a relaxing bath at the natural hot springs of the city, our city is located in a place where it has natural hot spring underground. Entertainment system will be fully prepared for the citizens in the 2nd year of our project. Stadium, Amusement park, monumental hotel near the mountain.

4. Tijm

It isn’t just adults who want to have the time of their life. Kids of all age should have the equivalent amount of fun too. The city is filled with trees to climb on and parks to play in. On a rainy day, you can either go to the stadium to have some fun or go to the library to enhance your knowledge.

5.  Junryu

High speed cars smoking out gas on to your face when you’re walking down the street? Nobody likes that. High speed electrical transportation systems provide you with smooth fast, and organized way of bringing you to the place you need to. Feeling like going through the breeze while going there? Take the public bicycle available for anybody. Adults, kids, and great grandmothers.


  1. Dan

Underground railways connect the (different parts of the) city. To travel between 2 financial centers only takes within 10 minutes with underground railway. The train is a newly designed train where energy source comes from the solar panels that are all around the city.

  1. Tijm

The city is organic, but also is equipped with the finest technologies out there. The library and museum will provide you with not only known knowledge, but they actually have interactable facilities where you can create knowledge for others to share with. Our other big idea is that we will have a safe nuclear power plant that will produce a lot of energy in addition to our other methods of sustainable energy.

  1. Noel

Now get out of the dull gray cities with solid concrete surrounding you. Feel the breeze and interact with the beautiful nature mother earth has provided us with. Welcome, to New Banter. The city where great banters fill the air.