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I am an avid fan of a video game series known as NBA 2K. NBA 2K is a basketball simulation game series that emulates the NBA basketball league, which I am also a huge fan of. While I was in Japan for the first four weeks of summer break, NBA 2K was a large portion of what I did in my free time.

Before summer break had started, however, I made myself a goal of working on some graphic design projects and improve on my Photoshop skills. I hadn’t really started and I wasn’t quite sure of what to do. That changed on July 27th, which was the day Giannis Antetokounmpo, a world renowned super star in the world of basketball, posted this on Instagram:

ATTENTION all graphic designers and artistic/creative individuals!! The best mashup graphic using the following 4 pictures will win a signed NBA 2K19 game!! Please tag me and my brothers in any designs!

Later, he posted that there were to be four winners. My friend, a graphic designer who was also a fan of NBA and NBA 2K sent me a message, saying I should enter.

After around 3 hours of work, I managed to use the four low resolution pictures Antetokounmpo told us graphic designers to use and created a graphic design piece. I posted my piece to Instagram with the caption:

“I need that 2K19”

Days went by and friends in my fantasy basketball league were hyping me up, telling me I had a good chance of winning it. I wasn’t really worried about it, because ultimately I was just glad I made something during the summer, and I was convinced I couldn’t beat the professional graphic designers who entered.

I was right, I didn’t win the competition. I did, however, win something. A like from Giannis Antetokounmpo. As my jaw hit the floor, I started jumping around in my room. I showed my friends and they sort of freaked out. All of that made me incredibly happy.

When put in perspective, an incredibly famous basketball player from Greece who is considered to be one the best players, who is thousands of kilometers away from me noticed what I did and connected with me by showing his appreciation via a like. This experience showed me that the world is connected more than ever before because the ever-growing social media can be used to connect your ideas and express creativity with people all around the world.



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