Field Studies- Okinawa

Many things happened in  Okinawa. At the beginning of the trip my 2 roommates, and I wanted to go home. We did not enjoy the hotel we were staying at, the diving was simply tiring and left us no joy and the only thing we looked forward to was the daily trip to the super market and our midnight gossip. We talked about our newly found relationships within the grade, as we were all new. As the week went on my mood continued to go on a wild rollercoaster. As my 2 roommates talked about how much they missed talking to their significant others, I wished that mine was no where near me. It was extremely bothering and took over most of my thoughts during the trip. By the end of the week I was emotionally, mentally, and physically tired from all the studying for our test,from the diving lessons themselves, and the emotional strain from my collapsing relationship not only with my boyfriend but also with one of my 2 roommates. The 3 of us were so tired and one of the roommates and I continued to have tiny fights about things that didn’t matter whatsoever.

Although the trip included a lot of fighting, tears, and anger; I have an over all good memory of it. I was with my 2 closest friends, and saw and breathed under water (which was amazingly cool). The thing that had the most impact on me through the trip was when we were finally done with all the skills we were required to learn, and actually dived simply for entertainment. Underwater, sounds are distorted, so that you hear everything but nothing at once; there is no gravity around you, or it feels like there isn’t; and color is distorted as well, so you are in a world of blue. Under water, I felt like a child again, with the sense of wonder the situation created around me. I felt solace, enveloped in a sort of hug from the water around me. It was a different world all together that I had experienced for the first time in the 15 years of my life.

Coming back from the trip I realized a couple things. I have come to peace with my relationship with my boyfriend, although it ended within the next week. I also realized I had to put my emotional stability before anyone else’s. Other than that I used to be worried that something would go wrong during the week and I would do something wrong while I was diving. I am glad to be home safe, but not only that I learnt that I sometimes I have to learn to trust myself. In the trip I was able to get closer with my roommates and get out of my comfort zone with my relationship with not only them but everyone in the trip. I also learnt to get out of my comfort zone in order to experience these wonderful things in life.


Hey guys!!!

My name is Sarah and I’ll be keeping this blog for the next couple of years. This is my first entry and I’d like to keep track of my time at Y.I.S. for future reference and all that. I hope you guys enjoy reading my content and I’ll see some sort of improvement!

Till next time <3