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After actually going through the party, thing’s went better than expected. Although there were things that did not go well or things that our guests were not so impressed by, the part was overall pretty well met. The venue was adored by the guests, and the aesthetics of the terrace were perfect for photos. The idea of having a buffet was good, and the schedule was efficient and well planned out. The things that were not so good was the DJ that was chosen. We should have had a stricter vetting process, as he was not good at understanding and hyping up the crowd. Because of this, the dance floor was mainly empty, with most of the guests enjoying the sunset outside.

In the new school year, I was asked to join prom committee once again as one of the senior supervisors. Initially, the three seniors,  including me, was afraid of the fact that this year’s prom committee had too many people and that this would cause conflict in discussion and halt progress. We were proven wrong as the new year’s committee have managed to create groups with individual leaders and have progressed further in a shorter time than we had the previous year.

May 18, 2018

We are 7 days away from prom and are running around getting things done last minute.

This last week we have struggled to stay positive with each other as we are all stressed out from the upcoming exams and the prom that will overlap them. We have had arguments over who has done what and what must be done further, and have gotten frustrated at each other for the mistakes we make. Through this all though, we have managed to group together every time and forgive each other and make compromises in order to solve the problems that arise. I have learned to be more accommodating with others and to avoid conflict if it can be avoided. I have continuously been worried about our group’s collaboration with each other and how that may falter and collapse, but every time something goes wrong we have been able to overcome it as a group which has amazed me. We are relatively happy with our work so far. We have managed to look at what the others have done for the group instead of being upset for the things they have done wrong or haven’t done at all. Our group has definitely become tighter over the year as we have had to support each other, and our fights have probably made us stronger from forgiveness. I can continue to use these skills in the project I am currently working on in Theatre. In that, my goal is not to be a leader but a listener and I believe that the prom group (full of so many outspoken people) has helped to be more compromising and less stubborn.

April 5, 2018

We are finally on track with prom. We have gotten the venue finalized and are moving into specifics. I am organizing the DJ and recently interviewed him. There I learned the importance of man to man communication and not just online. It is easier and much more effective to talk about future plans especially since we need to gather the equipment and materials the DJ needs in order to perform. A bigger reason why meeting someone is so important though is because you can learn much more about a person from their visual cues and body language than you can through online text.

Although plans have been delayed, we are working on getting things done. We have scheduled the plans for the next month until prom with deadlines for what needs to be done when. This will help in keeping on track to our deadline and making sure that everything is in order on the day and we are not freaking out because of missing things when prom comes along. Before every meeting, I have made a list of things to talk about with two other people in order to have the most effective meetings and because it is so easy to forget to mention something. By creating a list with more than one person, you are able to have a discussion then about what needs to be done and what has already been done, as well as what must be mentioned or discussed. In order to be organized when there is so much to do, one must write a list before talking with a group of 6 or more people to keep the discussion on track. The benefits of doing this collaboratively I now understand is to be able to split up the work. If one person were to plan the whole prom, it would be impossible to keep up with all of the things that must get done before the prom. By splitting up the job and creating roles for people, we are able to not worry about some aspects and only worry about our own.

January 18, 2018

Since our last venue had been rejected, we have approached our search for a new venue differently. Instead of picking one that the group like after separately discussing it without our supervisor and the seniors, we decided to ask them what they wanted and building on that and asking them to look at a list of venues and choose one that they enjoyed the most. This was done in order to have our venue not rejected again. A way I lead the group in today’s discussion is by discussing the new venue choices with the supervisor and the seniors when no one else wanted to, after a while I was able to bring in others and contact the new venue to check in by splitting up the work and helping each other out to make sure that we were asking all the questions we needed to and had all the information we needed.

December 19, 2017

During the time I have worked on the Prom Committee I have realized that you must compromise ideas and vote on ideas as a group and try to be on the same page with the others to make sure that things pan out effectively and without too much argument. Although my ideas have not always been accepted, I realize that it is a part of working collaboratively that you pitch ideas and sometimes others agree with it and other times the others reject your idea. As we continue to plan a party for others, I know that it will be difficult for me to accept anything less than perfect and I hope the others feel the same so that we can make this year’s prom as best as it can be. If we all feel the same way and try to reach a united goal, we can work together by using different ideas and different paths towards that goal we will be able to be satisfied in our work.

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