In the script and performance you will find below, I used the knowledge of theorist Ann Bogart, and an in-class exploration and analysis of script Buckets, as a further and personal academic exploration. Below you will find a short script that I have written named “Listen”. It can be performed by any number and composition of […]

Butoh Workshop

Butoh Art-r314gs   In October or 2017, I took a workshop on Butoh for a week. There I learnt all about butoh, it’s conventions and its theories. The artwork placed above represents the most significant moments and memories I collected within the week-long workshop. Here is an explanation: On the top left corner of the […]

Wellness: TML

  Around January of 2017, the drama department put on a show called “Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind” (If you would like to know about the theatre show here is the link: TMLMTBGB). The show was a compilation of skits which one of them were written and directed by me. The piece was […]


Hey guys!!! My name is Sarah and I’ll be keeping this blog for the next couple of years. This is my first entry and I’d like to keep track of my time at Y.I.S. for future reference and all that. I hope you guys enjoy reading my content and I’ll see some sort of improvement! […]