Grade 10


Okinawa Diving Trip

Personal Project

Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind

Taiko Gathering Day



Choir (for half of the year)



Cast Photo for the TML show
Hanging out in the new school with the new friends!
Practicing diving at disneyland!
A photo with the people on my boat on the Okinawa diving trip.
On a field trip to Harajuku for our design “Fast Fashion” unit.
At the beginning of the school year where Helena was showing me around outside the school area.
With one of my new friends at the Back to School dance, the first dance of the year!
My new friends <3
Our Tutor Class
A photo with my roommates and best friends during the Okinawa Diving trip.
An improv karaoke with my friends during STICH
Hanging out with my friends for their birthday at a nearby TGIF <3