Science: A Little Bit About Matter

1) Different Types of Matter: There are 3 different types of matter. Liquid, Solid, Liquid, and Gas.

Solid: When solid melt, the particles vibrate faster and break free. The higher the temperature the greater the energy of particles and the faster they mover or evaporate. Liquid: When a liquid is heated, energy is supplied to the particles making them all move faster. The speed of the particles continues to increase as the temperature rises. If the heating is continued long enough many of the particles throughout the liquid will eventually move fast enough to escape from the liquid. This is how BOILING occurs.                                                                                                                                                    Gas: When gas is heated on a very hot temperature, it will evaporate and turn in to air.

2) Change of States: There are 5 different changes of state. Melting, Boiling/Evaporation, Condensation, Freezing/Solidification and Sublimation: 

Condensation=gas to liquid (when a water droplets on window that forms humid air comes into contact with cold surface), Melting=liquid to gas(when liquid is boiled, it evaporates and becomes gas) Freezing=liquid to solid (Like snow), Evaporation=liquid to gas(water turning into steam), Solidification= liquid to solid (when the liquid is at the freezing point), and Sublimation=Solid to gas (dry ice turning directly into carbon dioxide from solid form). 

3) Our Activities: In science class, we learned about Changes of states using experiments. Measuring the temperature of water boil(liquid to gas).We put in some ice into water, and put fire on a bunsen burner to boil the water with ice. The water with ice boiled, and evaporated when the temperature was on 99.5 degrees Celsius. We  also learned the different types of matter which is liquid, gas and solid.