Being a Risk-taker and Knowledgeable

On the second day of field studies, we had 2 actives: Mountain bike and Canoeing. My group had Mountain bike for the first activity. I was a little nervous because it was a long time since I riding a bicycle. We had to line up in height order and we had to get our bikes. I got a big one, and it was definitely very different to MY bicycle. It was challenging riding the bicycle first, but I got used to it. I was a risk taker because during riding the bike, there was a HUGE hill and it was a big challenge, but we got to rest so it was a good challenge. My favorite part was when we go down the hill because there was good wind and it felt good:).  After Mountain biking we went canoeing in the Hakuba Evergreen Outdoor Center lake. I was in the back and I was knowledgeable because I was thinking how I could control the canoe for example making the boat straight.

After all the activities we went to Yamano Hotel with the Hakuba staff car. When we arrived, we all got into our group and the teachers gave us the room key. The teacher also said that we had to choose the Key master which is a person who has to be responsible of the room key. If it gets lost, we are not aloud to go outside unless if we find the key.            


Communicating and Thinking

When we arrived to Hakuba Evergreen Outdoor Center, it was really cold and we had to set our own tent. We had to set our tent in our room mate and Cooperate together. I had to be a thinker because it was my first time setting a tent. While setting the tent, me and my room mate realized the tent was broken. The Hakuba Evergreen center staff said that we had the “Unlucky Tent”. We chose another tent which was was clean. Cooperating and Communicating makes things faster and easy to do. 

After setting the tent, there was an activity called Orienteering Challenge which we had to work in groups and find the things in Hakuba Evergreen Outdoor Center. It was challenging because people had different opinion so some of them were arguing. I was a thinker and a communicator because I listen to other people’s opinion and I said my opinion too. 


What I think about Field Studies..

4 nights and 5 days till Field studies!! I can’t wait…

I think Field studies is a very fun, interesting experience because we can do a lot of activities such as Rock climbing, Canoeing, etc.

Where we go: Hakuba Nagano Evergreen Outdoor Center for the activities, and Yamano Hotel  for staying(to rest in the hotel). We will be sleeping in tents, and also we will be also sleeping in Yamano Hotel.

Activities: We will be doing rock climbing, riding on Hot air balloon, and hiking. During field studies, I want to be a risk taker to not be afraid of the activities, be caring to other people, and be a thinker by listening to the teacher and thinking of how I could do something. Finally, I would like to be reflective by reflecting what I did good and what I did wrong…

Improvised Storytelling


Skills- What skills in storytelling did I learn?

I  learned how to cooperate with others and really think about how you could act something out. For example, when you act you need to really be the character otherwise the audience will be bored.

Approach- How did I use these skills in Cooperative Storytelling?

Listen carefully to other people/Pay attention so you won’t say the same thing that someone already said, and tried to understand what they were talking about.

Connections:- How could I use these skills in performance?
Storytelling is very important in performances. I could use “Offer and Accept” when I work in groups, and have expression when you are acting or storytelling.


6C Drama: Cooperative Storytelling from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

A Road of Blog investigating

In Tech Class during this 6 week, we have worked on 3 things. Blog research, Blog brainstorm, and Learning about WordPress. Those were important because we had to learn what makes a good blog. What I learned from this unit is to know what to post, and how we could grab people’s attention.

We learned those 3 important things, so we can create a really good blog with good information, good appearance, and entertainment. If you didn’t have good information or a bad background blog, no one will come to your blog because you don’t have a good blog. People want good blog so they can get inspired and get good information. The blog research helped me by looking at people’s blog and getting inspired and knowing the different categories, designs, etc. on blogs. I can now make a good blog, and because I looked at other people’s blog, I need will need to understand what people think about my blog. The Blog brainstorm was a brainstorm of ideas you can write on your blog. For example, you could write about your passion/hobbies, favorite sports, etc. I could control my blog and do what I wanted to do for my blog. The Learning about WordPress helped me, a lot. We had to learn the different sections and what they do. So you can edit your blog! Because we learned the 3 important things, now I know how to post things and design my blog background/header/themes and add pages.  

The three most important criteria to me is design, entertainment, and safety. First of all, I think design is important because if you had a boring white background and a really small Title of the blog, people will not go to your blog because it doesn’t STAND OUT and maybe because the title is not big enough. The blog title is really important because people will need to know what your blog title is so they can understand the topic. The header image should relate to the blog/post/or your background. Otherwise it would be confusing for the blogger when they go to your blog. The next thing I think is important is entertainment. Why I think so, is because people want entertainment and they want to enjoy learning and discovering things. Finally, the most important thing is SAFETY. If you put too much information(example: where you live, address, phone-number, privacy), you might be in danger. You might get hack on you account, or some people might pretend that they are you and do something bad. 


When you want check if your criteria’s good these are the things you could do: For design, you could ask a friend/teacher,etc. what they think about your blog design. For entertainment, you can check your blog  if you have any categories or anything that can make people entertain. And for safety, you could brainstorm the things that you could post on your blog which is safe(like the blog brainstorm). 

In my conclusion, I will like to summarize what I wrote in this reflection shorty. So I have introduced what I’ve been doing during the 6 weeks on making a good blog. I think I did a good job explaining what I had learned so far about making a good blog, my research, because before this unit I didn’t know anything about blogging and making a good blog but when we did researches, now I know how to make a good blog! For the next unit, I will like to learn how people blog in a good way/bad way. I want to be better for my blog, by adding categories and such. The most things what I’m proud of learning was the blog research because I enjoyed researching other people’s blog and being inspired!