What I’m proud of Semester 1

Middle School:

1) Giving Home work on time(due date)

2) Responsible of my PE kits and class stuff

3) Organizing my work


1) Sports Activities: I was in the MSG Volley ball C team, and I learned a lot of skills and strategies

2) Using Computers: I learned how to use my computer carefully, and the other blog settings on my computer

3) New teachers: There are many teachers in middle school, and I have learned many different things about the different subjects. For example, I learned spanish and I improved a lot.

1) Improved Maths: I improved my fraction skills and some word problems by using the Math book/mathletics

2) Sports: A unit on Soccer and the different strategies and how to control the soccer ball. Also, the x-country unit. Using the different strategies and using them and improving the time.

Science Cells & Pollination Reflection

Animals and Plant cells

As you can see, animal cells and plant cells both have cytoplasm, nucleus, and cell membrane. Their shape is very different and there are chloroplast, vacuole, and cell wall which can only be found in Plant cells.


One of the main types of plants are Gymnosperms. They reproduce by producing cones(pine cones). The cones give off spores from the male cone. The wind carries the spores to the female pine cone.


Angiosperms reproduce through flowers. Gymnosperms which have separate male and female cones, flowers contain both     the male and female reproductive systems.

What We have learned:

During this unit, we were learning about flower cells. We had to go to a park and sketch flowers. After sketching the flowers we had to label the parts. It was challenging because I didn’t know parts of a flower unless if its like petal or something like that. Then Mr.Fedley bought some flowers for us to cut and look at the different parts. Those flowers had different colorful colors and they were pretty.

We also made twisters and experiment. We had to measure the twister when it falls. After doing the experiment we made a Graph:

So we did 4 trials for the experiment. Me and my group added the Average second. The biggest number was 1.1175 which is trial number 4:

 What I enjoyed and did not enjoy:

During this unit I enjoyed going to the park and sketching flowers because it was fun, and I learned a lot of things about Flower cells. What I didn’t enjoy  during this unit was when we did the test because I didn’t read the questions carefully. So I would like to re-take the test again.