My Favorite Tutorials!

In technology class we had to research different tutorials so we get inspired when we make our own tutorials. One of my favorite tutorial was “How to play Skyfall by Adele on Piano”. My hobby is to play piano and I wanted to play this song by Adele! I’m now practicing this song. The other tutorials are graffiti characters which is also my hobby. I got inspired by making my own character:) What I learned from this tutorial was the different complex chords/notes on the piano. Also, the different parts of the songs for example: The intro, pre-chorus, etc. The creator of this tutorial had a good tone of voice and spoke in a clear voice. The chords on the top was really helpful because when I paused the video I can practice on my own pace. There wasn’t any bad parts in this video but he could maybe play the intro slower and give strategies.

Adele Skyfall 007 on piano tutorial by gotitans999.

This is also my favorite tutorial which is about Graffiti characters! Its also one of my hobbies, and I draw graffiti characters when I’m bored or done with my homework:P This tutorial was really helpful and inspiring because after watching the tutorial, I created my own graffiti character. What I learned from this vid was using space so I don’t waste paper. The creator of this tutorial was very neat and the quality of the video was good so I can see what the person is drawing. There was background music so it was a bit distracting. I thought that this wasn’t for┬ábeginners. I think it was for people who had more experience.

How to draw a graffiti character by Wizard

Snowing in Japan!

During math class, there was a announcement that the all the students should go home because it was snowing outside! We were all happy because school was over! I am so excited so I’m not even cold! And this is a place next to my house. It’s a Shrine(: