My Graffiti Character Tutorial!

Hello Everyone! For the past few weeks, I been working on my Graffiti Character Tutorial. While its exporting, im going to write a little intro and reflection. Before we edit our videos, we had to do the Self & Peer Assessment checklist. For the checklist, we first had to do the checklist yourselves and after you done that, you need to ask someone to watch your tutorial and make a comment on what you did well, and to improve on. After your peer commented on your tutorial, you need to edit what needs to improve. So I had to use my lunch break time to finish off my tutorial! Finally, finishing off the tutorial, we had to Export it to HD and then publish it to Youtube!
My tutorial connects and has the following criteria:
  • Finish Product
  • Safety
  • Good quality video(My video is 1080 HD!!!)
What I did to get these criteria was to show other people my work and listen to their advice and then edit my video again. I also got help from other people and listened to their ideas and edit my video again. It was quite challenging because when I was recording the voiceover for my tutorial, the background wasn’t really quiet like home because there were other people recording. So I had to find a really quiet place to record the voiceover.
By watching 2-3 tutorials I watched for homework is that if I was using voiceover, I should to speak slowly and in a steady pace otherwise no one would understand what I say. The tutorials I watched was Emma’s tutorial   and Pia’s tutorial . Emma’s tutorial was how to make brownies which really helped because I learned how to cook! Pia’s tutorial was origami book mark. I thought it was creative and interesting.
The challenging part for me was to edit the video because I don’t really use imovie and I don’t really know cool effects. But after making this tutorial, I improved and learned a lot on editing videos. What I need to improve is when I use voiceover for any videos, I should speak very formal and in a steady pace. 
Here is my Tutorial:

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6 thoughts on “My Graffiti Character Tutorial!

  1. I liked where you used catchy music. Also, the camera angle was good so I was able to see how you were drawing it every step. You spoke clearly and in a loud voice too. I learned the steps to draw a skull and that the nose looks like a upside down heart.You could have improved on explaining by using shapes or types of lines from the start. I thought your tutorial was great and it was easy to understand. I want to try drawing that too 🙂

  2. I liked your music you played in the background it really fit to your drawing. Your tutorial is easy to understand and I actually had no problem with drawing. But at some points you could not really see your drawing, because your hand covered the drawing.
    I learned how to draw a skull and I think this is really cool!
    Great job!

  3. Great job Eileen! You used some great techniques for your tutorial to make it look as professional as possible. Even though you didn’t have too much experience with iMovie, you have clearly learned lots in this unit. I hope you continue to explore and try more options as you create more tutorials!

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