Ueno Zoo

What We Did:

At Ueno Zoo, Mr.Fedley assigned us in groups and we had to find our animal’s information for our brochure. The member of my group was Oliver, Sayaka, and Charlie. Oliver’s animal was Bat, Charlie and I had Tiger, and Sayaka had Dhole. We had a hard time at the zoo because we actually got lost. The Zoo was huge and it was hard finding the animals (even though we had a map).
When Charlie and I  visited the tigers, they had a big space and some trees and grass.
This is what it looked like, pretty isn’t it?

In my opinion, the tigers looked a little hungry. Maybe the zoo person forgot to feed it. The tiger also looked a little frustrated but calm. The tiger was walking the whole time. I think the tiger was frustrated because maybe it didn’t wanted people look at it.

Why I think there are Zoo’s: I think  that the purpose of Zoo’s are to let the people have the opportunity to see and learn about animals.

If I was an animal at the zoo, would I be happy living there?
I would be very sad because I need to be far away from my family. I would be very shy of the people looking at me and kept in a glass place. But once I get used to the Zoo, I wouldn’t be afraid.

What do you think the zoo could do to improve the lives of the animals at the zoo?
They should think about the animals environment. For example, like the polar bears. In summer in Japan, it is really hot. The temperature goes up to 28~34 degrees Celsius and people go to the zoo for summer vacation. Poor Polar bears, the ice around it doesn’t help, just a design. They only have cold water, although the temperature of the water would change because the sun heats the water. I think the Zoo people should really improve on that.

Should we have zoos, or should we visit zoos?
I think people should visit zoo’s because if we have zoos, it will take up a lot of space. But if we visit zoo’s, it wouldn’t take up a lot of space.

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